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Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 2

I have two small updates for my fantasy subway project that I’m doing on Google Maps that revolves around the Hampton Roads, VA area. The first update consists of the addition of five tramway (light rail) lines throughout Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Portsmouth. I… Continue Reading “Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 2”

HART MetroRapid – Part 2

With HART’s MetroRapid System inching closer to completion, I thought I would take a moment to share a few things that have been happening in regards to the construction of the system. First, and foremost, I’d like to mention again about the buses. As… Continue Reading “HART MetroRapid – Part 2”

HART unveils first MetroRapid bus!

Checking into my social media accounts this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the first MetroRapid bus has rolled into town! Yes, you heard me right, HART’s new MetroRapid buses have begun their cross-country trek from California to Tampa, with the first… Continue Reading “HART unveils first MetroRapid bus!”

HART Fare/Service Changes for Fall 2012 are now in effect!

As I mentioned in earlier posts, HART implemented its Fall, 2012 service changes and fare increases on Sunday, November 11, 2012. Below is a brief summary of the changes: Route 28X will be kept due to a lot of opposition against eliminating the route… Continue Reading “HART Fare/Service Changes for Fall 2012 are now in effect!”

Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 1

This will be the first in a series of blog posts revolving around my fictional transit systems. I was originally going to begin with my Mushroom Kingdom fantasy transit system, but I still have to make a few changes to the map before I… Continue Reading “Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 1”

Watching Issac…

Hi everyone, The RNC is just days away. Unfortunately, we now have a significant hurricane threat on our hands. Tropical Storm Issac formed in the Atlantic roughly a week ago and the projected path sends the storm right into Florida during the week of… Continue Reading “Watching Issac…”

RNC Roundup

Hi Everyone, Despite my computer troubles, I was determined to get at least one post up this week. With the Republican National Convention just days away; you may have noticed many of the temporary venues going up in downtown Tampa. At this point; many… Continue Reading “RNC Roundup”

RNC = Road Closures & Transit Detours

Please note that due to the rapidly changing information; this post will be periodically updated. Be sure to check back for updates. The last update to this post was on 7/31/12. On July 23, 2012, the US Secret Service unveiled its listing of roadway… Continue Reading “RNC = Road Closures & Transit Detours”

WiFi on Public Transit

This post is dedicated to the expanse of WiFi networks across public transit systems. Now you may have heard in recent months of new WiFi hotspots at various coffeehouses, restaurants, shops, and other businesses in your area. In many cases now, entire metropolitan areas… Continue Reading “WiFi on Public Transit”

The RNC is just around the corner.

I’m sure many of you have been hearing for months now about the Republican National Convention coming to Tampa. But here’s a question that you may not have been able to quite answer yet; have you planned out your commute during the event? For… Continue Reading “The RNC is just around the corner.”