The Paris Metro MP 14 – First Glance

At the end of May, 2016, the RATP unveiled a video showing a rendition of the proposed MP 14 railcar traveling through a subway corridor. While I have to assume that the design is still in its early stages – leaving room for modifications in the future – I have to say the railcar looksContinue reading “The Paris Metro MP 14 – First Glance”

Paris Metro Line 11 Extension Project (Phase I) Begins

As the month of June begins, several major expansion projects are taking place throughout the city of Paris. One of which is the first of two phases to extend the Line 11 subway eastward, and then southeastward. Phase I, which officially broke ground this week, will extend the 11 by six stations to Rosny-Bois Perrier.Continue reading “Paris Metro Line 11 Extension Project (Phase I) Begins”

STIF-branded MP 05 rolls onto Line 14

The first of what will be many STIF-purchased railcars for the 14 Line of the Paris subway began revenue service in late November. The above is that of railcar #585, and just like the MF 01 of the 9 Line and the MI 09 of the RER Commuter Rail A Line, these railcars are fittedContinue reading “STIF-branded MP 05 rolls onto Line 14”

Summer 2014 Transit News You Can Use

Summer is just around the corner! Which means if you live along the coast, it’s time to prep those beach supplies! In Virginia Beach and Tampa Bay, you can easily take public transit to the beach and relax! Want to let the kids hang out with friends without sacrificing time and gas? You can do thatContinue reading “Summer 2014 Transit News You Can Use”

Extended closure of Paris Metro station Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre

Please note that this post was written back in January. The complete closure of the Line 1 platforms ended in March, and the Line 7 platforms are now closed until July. Happy Thursday everyone! I’m needing to report about a subway station closure in Paris due to renovation work. I know my post comes justContinue reading “Extended closure of Paris Metro station Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre”

A co-branded livery hits the Paris Metro – Part 3

In my 3rd installment covering the MF 2001 subway railcars in Paris, I am very delighted to report that four of these railcars are now in revenue service operation on Line 9 of Paris Metro! For the past few weeks, the RATP has been finishing up final preparations to allow the use of the MFContinue reading “A co-branded livery hits the Paris Metro – Part 3”

A co-branded livery hits the Paris Metro – Part 2

I can’t believe that this will be my 250th blog post! I want to thank everyone for following my blog, as well as my social media accounts, throughout the past few years! I truly appreciate everyone who has been able to stop by and read up on the various transit happenings throughout Tampa Bay, NewContinue reading “A co-branded livery hits the Paris Metro – Part 2”

The MP 89 faces an uncertain future…

7/12/13: This article, published on 7/11/13, now points out a completion of Line 4 automation by 2019, which is definitely more in line with the completion of the Bagneux extension. There is also a hint in the article that stock from Line 14 (Mp 89CA/MP 05) may be transferred over to Line 4, but still nothingContinue reading “The MP 89 faces an uncertain future…”

Transit Roundup for the week of April 1, 2013

There’s been quite a lot going on this week in respects to public transit. Rather than creating 6 or 7 different posts, I’ve decided to list everything in one single post. Each tidbit of transit news is grouped by geographical region (or Focus Area) that I cover.

A co-branded livery hits the Paris Metro – Part 1

With the rolling stock transition soon coming to a close on Line 5, the RATP has already begun preparing for the next phase of rolling stock replenishment for Line 9. Line 9 currently possesses the aging MF 67 series D rolling stock, which are gradually reaching the ends of their useful lives. In 2011, the STIFContinue reading “A co-branded livery hits the Paris Metro – Part 1”