Community Rules

Page was last updated on 12/23/2018.

If this is your first time visiting my website, I want to let you know that you are more than welcome to jump into the discussion – both here and on my social media channels. The purpose of my website, its corresponding blog, and social media channels, is to do just that, have a meaningful discussion on transit. However, like the legalese that I have put forth regarding my website, I also want to make clear that everything that you comment on is moderated, meaning that I – or a moderator – must approve anything and everything that gets commented on. So any comments that we find to be inappropriate or offensive is subject to deletion.

While most of you should know what to and what not to say here, some still need to be told the specifics. So here’s a few:

  • Please be respectful to me, my moderator team, and one another. I know that there will be times where we may have a debate on specific issues, but it is expected of everyone to follow the “Golden Rule” and provide constructive criticism when disagreeing with someone. Recently, I’ve been witnessing people lashing out against one another with personal attacks and insults, as well as those who just want to be plain mean in general. We will not tolerate this kind of behavior.
  • Please keep your comments clean – meaning no foul language or sexual content. My site and social media channels can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime, so it is important that we try to keep an atmosphere that is warm and inviting to everyone so that we can interact in harmony. Please refrain from posting any transit-related content that may be considered as extremely graphic – such as train collisions. While it is one thing to see photos of the trains involved, we don’t necessarily want to see graphic images of the people involved.
    • Transit-related photos that contain graffiti are subject to heavy scrutiny and deletion by my moderator team and I. Historical photos containing graffiti may be allowed without issue though.
    • Additionally, some of my followers and group members are currently employed by transit agencies and such that. So please refrain from posting anything that could endanger anyone’s job or career.
  • Please no solicitation of goods and services. My website, blog, and social media channels are not a “Craigslist”, so please don’t make it a “Craigslist”. Other non-transit related material posted to my site comments and social media channels are subject to heavy scrutiny and deletion by my moderator team and I.
  • When contributing transit photos and videos to my site or social media channels (including Facebook groups), please be sure that you’ve noted the source. There’s a lot of copyright infringement going on and I strive to minimize the chances of having any material on my site by which the original source isn’t mentioned.
  • Posting poll questions of any kind in my Facebook groups are subject to heavy scrutiny and deletion by my moderator team and I. This is because such questions have led to members in other groups engaging in trolling behavior. Poll questions may occasionally be posted by a moderator or I if the question fits in line to a particular transit-related topic that is being covered through my blog or in the news media.
  • When interacting in my Facebook groups, please refrain from “liking” every single post and photo, as this is considered to be very annoying amongst some members, as well as my moderator staff and I.
  • While I strive to keep a non-partisan/non-political tone on my site, the fact that transportation is being treated as a political football in many countries is very disturbing. Therefore, it can be easy to suddenly get into political discussions on my site and social media channels.
    • However, I urge that everyone please refrain from posting comments or content that show support or opposition to a particular political belief, candidate, or official, as such conversations often go downhill very fast. Bottom line is, transportation should be a non-partisan and non-political matter, period, and I would like to keep this type of tone maintained here. To add on, please, no posts or comments endorsing or fundraising for any political candidates. My site is not a place to do those sort of activities. While I’ve made some of my political endorsements known in the past, via my Disclosures page, my personal endorsements does not mean in any way that my website as a whole has made an endorsement.
    • I do however, wholeheartedly support independent, non-partisan transportation advocacy groups whose aim is to advocate for better transportation options for everyone – such as the Sunshine CitizensPittsburghers for Public Transit.
  • When joining my Facebook groups – The Global Transit Guidebook Forum & The First Responder Vehicle Lounge by HARTride 2012 – please be sure that your Facebook profile includes basic information so that my moderator staff and I can identify you. This includes gender and preferably a profile photo. While we understand that some people may not be comfortable with making some info visible on social media due to the heightened risk of hackers, we also have to reduce the risk of allowing spammers and trollers into the groups. Some spam accounts unfortunately contain very little info in the profile so that one may think they’re a real person that is using a legitimate account, but in reality is a spammer or troller.
  • And above all, please obey all local, state/provincial, and federal laws.

Those who choose to repeatedly violate these guidelines are subject to being suspended (or permanently banned) from posting here. Same thing will occur if any member of my Facebook groups are caught repeatedly violating these same guidelines.

With these rules in mind, please know that I do try to respond to any comments as quickly as I can. But because I do have a day job and other obligations, I may not be able to respond back right away.

I thank you for your understanding & cooperation on these matters.

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