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Photo was taken in May, 2017.


Different places using available public transit systems & routes, instead of driving from place to place. Be sure to check out my Journeys Afar series to see where I’ve traveled to.


For more public transit funding on all levels (federal, state/provincial, county, & municipal) so that people have multiple commute options during all times of the day.


Your public transit experience with fellow riders, enthusiasts, & advocates, as well as those who work in the industry & those who make funding & service decisions.

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All the wonderful, life-changing opportunities we have are irrelevant without transit.

Katharine Eagan Kelleman – CEO, Pittsburgh Regional Transit
Pittsburgh, PA

Regardless of what time & environment we’re in – good times & bad, whether you have a car or not – transit will always be a necessary component to better people’s lives. This is a key reason why I built the Global Transit Guidebook, to not just showcase my experiences using transit, but to also educate those who may be reluctant to use transit as to just how important transit is to our communities.

Katharine Kelleman – who currently leads the transit agency in Pittsburgh, PA (but led Tampa, FL’s transit agency just prior to) is seen as a rockstar in the transit industry & a lot of what she has said about transit really speaks volumes! You can follow Mrs. Kelleman on Twitter @ms_eagan.

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Transit Photo Wish List

Although it’s easy for me to get modern photos of the various transit systems that I profile, it’s much harder to get the older photos. Since a lot of my site is history-driven, I would greatly appreciate any contributions of photos, passes, schedules, etc. from the past. Please contact me through the Contact Form if you would like to contribute! Below is a list of things that I’m hunting for:

  • Any photos from the following transit districts (especially older photos):Transit Districts within Florida, including:
    • Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART).
    • Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) & its predecessor agencies.
    • Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) & its predecessor agencies.
  • Old bus photos of the following:
    • Flxible New Look and GM New Look buses from the 1950s/60s.
    • Flxible Metro, Orion II, Orion V, & GMC RTS buses from the 1980s/90s/2000s.
    • New Flyer buses that once ran along the PSTA system.
  • Any photos of the original streetcar lines that operated in Tampa & Gulfport, & anything else that you care to contribute!