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First launched in 2008 as a stand-alone blog, The Global Transit Guidebook by HARTride 2012 is more than just a place to profess my love of public transportation. Rather, it is to inform people about how vital public transportation is through history, photos, and information. Here, you’ll find all kinds of historical and practical information regarding various public transit systems throughout the world: from the Tampa Bay Area to the Hampton Roads/Norfolk Area, from Brussels to Paris, from New York City to Asia, and perhaps even more in the distant future!

If this is your first visit, please visit the About page to get a better idea of what you’ll find on the site, as well as a detailed history of how this all began. You can also watch the brief video above to get an idea of what I cover here on the site. I also strongly recommend any first-time visitors to please read the legal terms of the site, since I have a lot of contributor content. If you wish to contact me on anything that you find on the site; or want to contribute a photo or two, please feel free to drop me a line via the Contact page.

Although it’s easy for me to get modern photos of the various transit systems that I profile, it’s much harder to get the older photos. Since a lot of my site is history-driven, I would greatly appreciate any contributions of photos, passes, schedules, etc. from the past. Please contact me through the Contact Form if you would like to contribute! Below is a list of things that I’m hunting for:

  • Any photos from the following transit districts (especially older photos):  
    • Transit Districts in the Tampa Bay, FL Area:
      • Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART).
      • Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA).
        • The predecessor districts to PSTA; the Central Pinellas Transit Authority (CPTA), and the St. Petersburg Municipal Transit System (SPMTS).
      • Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT).
      • Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT).
      • Pasco County Public Transportation (PCPT).
      • The Hernando Express Bus (Hernando THEbus).
      • Citrus County Public Transportation.
    • Transit Districts in the Hampton Roads, VA Area:
      • Hampton Roads Transit (HRT).
        • The predecessor districts to HRT; the Peninsula Transportation District Commission (PENTRAN), and Tidewater Regional Transit (TRT).
      • Williamsburg Area Transit Authority (WATA).
  • Old bus photos of the following:  
    • Flxible New Look and GM New Look buses from the 1950s/60s.
    • Flxible Metro, Orion II, Orion V, and GMC RTS buses from the 1980s/90s/2000s.
    • New Flyer buses that once ran along the PSTA system.
  • Any photos of the original streetcar lines that operated in Tampa, Gulfport, and Norfolk, and anything else that you care to contribute!

Now, let’s begin our journey! Here are the main stops within my site:

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Welcome to the Transports Page (formerly known as the Transit Focus Pages Portal and then the Transit System Lines Portal)! This is what I consider to be the “bread and butter” of the site. Here you will find both historical and practical information regarding the various transit districts that I’ve profiled.

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In light of my recent site-wide renovations, I’ve decided to combine the miscellaneous aspects of my website (namely the transit news and other projects/sites pages) into one. This unified page will showcase links to my other site offerings as well as side projects and sites – including those endeavors that aren’t necessarily transit related.


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Welcome to The Global Transit Guidebook by HARTride 2012! Where I present to you, public transit told from a unique perspective!

I hope you will enjoy your visit here. If this is your first time visiting, please visit the Legal Stuff page. All photos & content that are posted here are properties of HARTride 2012 unless otherwise noted. If you’d like to use/quote something that I’ve posted, you may use the contact form. You can also use the same form to leave and questions or comments about the website.


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Mission and Vision

Over the years, my stand-alone blog has evolved into a full-fledged website, providing a unique perspective on public transportation. My mission is to go beyond just professing my love for public transportation, it is to fulfill three basic principles, as stated below…

Mission Statement

To help fulfill this mission; I am able to inform current and potential transit customers – as well as transit fans, supporters, and advocates – about how vital public transportation is through history, photos, and information. This includes practical and current rider information for the geographical regions that I cover.

There are several components to this; but I’ll sum things up into three simple phrases by which I go by…

Vision Statement

Transit Fan

This principle is fulfilled by taking photos of transit in action; from bus fleets to transit centers, to special events that showcase the best of transit. Through this, I am also able to share historical information and photos to showcase how various public transit systems were in the past.

Transit Rider

This principle is fulfilled by using public transit wherever possible, and as often as possible – even when I travel to other cities. Thus, I’m able to provide transit information from the rider’s perspective and document unique transit experiences along the way. I am then able to help illustrate how people can implement public transit in their daily commutes.

Transit Advocate

This principle is fulfilled by informing current and potential transit customers alike as to how vital public transit is to their communities, why we all should support and use transit, and why local, state, and federal governments should pay more attention to – and better fund – transit agencies, networks, and projects.

Be sure to spread the word about my website! Tell your friends! 😀

In the future, I plan to make further updates to this page, so stay tuned!