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This consolidated stop includes links to my social media avenues, side projects, & miscellaneous sections of The Global Transit Guidebook that don’t quite fit anywhere else. This consolidation was done to reduce overall clutter & provide better site navigation. If you’re looking for the blog, it can be accessed via the top page navigation bar.

Page was last updated on 10/30/2018.

If you’re on Facebook, please be sure to follow my Facebook Page to stay informed of when I make blog posts & upload new videos.
If you have a Twitter account, you can follow me via @TampaBayTransit & get updates as to when I make blog posts & upload new videos.
I periodically upload videos to my YouTube Channel – including bus & train rides, & general insights on transit.
Check out the various fictitious transit systems that I’m working on in my spare time.
Check out the various simulator projects that I’m working on in my spare time. This includes projects that I’m putting together using SimCity & The Sims 4.
In addition to my mainstay social media avenues, I also have a separate page where I share my journeys & non-transit-related items.
In addition to my transit photography, I have a deep appreciation for our men & women who serve to protect us each & every day. I periodically will photograph various First Responder vehicles – including during community events.
In addition to the above, I am planning to set up other websites – both transit & non-transit related.