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Service Advisories

This page will be updated regularly when there is a detour or other service change that may impact transit customers for more than 72 hours.

For advisories affecting the New York MTA, please visit the agency’s Planned Service Changes page. You can also sign up for alerts when service interruptions occur.

For advisories affecting the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (a.k.a. LYNX), please visit the agency’s Service Alerts page.

The listing below is current as of 11/23/2017
Transit agency logos are utilized for informational purposes ONLY. Thank you.


Detour: Due to roadway blockage, buses may be detoured via 4th Ave from Channelside Dr to 17th Ave. Customers can board buses at: 4th Ave @ 14th St, 4th Ave @ 16th St & 7th Ave @ 19th St.

Detour 1: Due to water main construction, the Route 9 stops on 30th St., from Diana St. to Sligh Ave. will temporarily not be served. This detour will remain in effect until 12/08/2017.

Detour 2: Due to police activity, and for safety reasons, early morning & late afternoon/evening trips on Route 9 will be detoured via 22nd St between Hillsborough Ave & MLK Blvd. This detour will remain in effect until further notice. Please see HART’s flyer for details.


Delays & Detours – Pass-A-Grille: Due to ongoing roadway construction, the Central Avenue Trolley Westbound will travel on its regular route to Pass-a-Grille Way, right on 26th Ave, left on Sunset Way, right on 22nd Ave, left on Gulf Way, left on 19th Ave, and right on Pass-a-Grille Way to regular route. The Central Avenue Trolley Eastbound will travel on its regular route to Gulf Way, right on 22nd Ave, left on Sunset Way, right on 23rd Ave, and left on Pass-a-Grille Way to regular route. Westbound passengers may catch the route on 19th Ave or end of line. Eastbound passengers may catch the route on Pass-a-Grille Way around 23rd Ave Area.

Delays & Detours – Pier District: The Central Avenue Trolley Eastbound will travel from 2nd Ave NE to a left into Beach Drive Trolley Station (Old Dolphin Station), and right on 2nd Ave NE to regular route. Passengers may catch the route on 2nd Ave NE and Bayshore Drive NE.

Schedule Change: AM trips to Downtown have changed. This will result in buses departing from Temple Terrace City Hall 15 minutes earlier than the original schedule. Please see HART’s flyer for the new departure times.

Tampa International Airport Services: HART is currently operating a shuttle van or bus between the Rental Car Facility temporary stop & the TPA Airport main terminal. This service will be operating until the SkyConnect train service at the airport becomes operational (expected to be some time in February of 2018). Shuttles will operate every 20 minutes during the following days & times:

  • Weekdays – 5:10 a.m. – 12:50 a.m.
  • Weekends – 6:30 a.m. – 12:10 a.m.

Delays & Detours – Gandy Freeway Construction: Although the Gandy Freeway project is nearing completion, delays & detours are still possible at times. Routes 4, 9, 58, 74, & 100X are all operating on their normal routing at this time, but Route 444 trips to the St. Petersburg Housing Authority offices are being impacted by changes in the surrounding roadway configuration. Delays should be expected on Route 444 during these trips. Also, Routes 9 & 100X may experience delays due to changes in the surrounding roadway configuration.

Special Event Detours

Special events can always cause detours and interruptions to transit lines. Please check with your transit agency for more information.


HART launches new alert service through Everbridge

Okay, so you’ve planned out your transit trip, know when the bus is scheduled to arrive, got your fare ready, and are now at the bus stop. You’ve done everything that you needed to do and will be on time to work this morning, except that you weren’t aware that there was a detour along your bus route due to construction.

Nathan is not happy about his bus route being on detour. If he knew about the detour in ahead, he would have caught another bus elsewhere.

Different transit agencies have different ways to get the word out about transit service detours and interruptions. However, there is no single best way to do so – especially in the age of technology such as smart phones and Social Media. In some cases, people don’t know about a particular detour because they’ve missed the Social Media post about the detour, or perhaps that person doesn’t have a smart phone.

If you’re a Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) customer, there’s no need to fret anymore! The agency has partnered with Everbridge to bring you service alerts via email or an automated phone call. It’s easy to sign up and the process only takes a few minutes. Within those few minutes, you’ll be able to start getting alerts about route detours and other service interruptions for the routes that you choose.

To access the sign in/up screen, simply click or copy the following link into your browser’s address bar.

The sign on screen. Click the image for a closer look.

If you’re registering for the first time, simply click the link indicated by the yellow arrow in the screen shot above, then follow the instructions on the next page.

The sign up screen. Click the image for a closer look.

Once you’re finished registering, you’ll be able to select which routes you want to receive alerts for.

The route selection screen. Click on the image for a closer look.

When finished, you’ll be able to view your profile and edit any details down the road (like if your phone number changes).

Summary screen. Click on the image for a closer look.

Because Everbridge is an opt-in service, you will only receive the alerts that you specify.

Have questions? Please visit the FAQ page or contact HART directly at 813-254-4278.

Even better news if you’re a City of Tampa resident! The City of Tampa also partners with Everbridge to provide you with Alert Tampa notifications.  The registration process is the same as the above. Please visit the City of Tampa website to learn more about the Alert Tampa service.

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Transit Agency Service Status Post-Hurricane Irma


Please check the Florida Public Transportation Association website to find your area’s respective transit agency website.

Please be advised that due to the severe damage in the Florida Keys, Key West Transit will not be operating for the foreseeable future.

Service Status as of 9/18/17

Any transit agency that has not yet resumed full normal service is listed below.

  • Citrus Connection Polk County: Limited service will operate. View listing of operating routes.
  • Palm Tran: All services have been restored to normal operation, except Route 94, which will resume on a later announced date.
  • Miami-Dade Transit: All services have been restored to normal operation, except the following:
  • SunRail: Limited Trips – Please check the SunRail website.

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ATLANTA, GA: I-85 viaduct collapse. What you need to know.

aerials i85 fire.mpg_19.43.25.23_1490917971950_2971320_ver1.0_640_360.png
Fire crews apply foam to the collapsed section of I-85 in midtown Atlanta on Thursday, 3/30/17. Photo Credit: WAGA (Fox 5 Atlanta).

On the evening of Thursday, March 30, 2017, an elevated section of I-85 in the metro Atlanta, GA region collapsed due to an intense fire that started underneath (possibly by PVC piping that was being stored). Smoke could be seen for miles while the fire burned and the resulting collapse and closure of the major artery is bound to snarl traffic in Georgia’s most populated city for weeks, if not a couple months.

If you reside in metro Atlanta and normally take I-85 as part of your daily commute, please know that the section of the interstate between the I-75 split in the Brookwood area and GA Hwy 400 in the Peachtree Park/Lindberg area is closed in both directions and will remain closed until the damaged sections are able to be rebuilt. Alternate routes include I-20, I-75, GA Hwy 42, GA Hwy 141, GA Hwy 154, US Hwy 19, US Hwy 41, and US Hwy 78. Please keep these roadways in mind if you are visiting the area as well. If you are simply passing through the Atlanta region, but are not stopping anywhere within the heart of the city, please take the I-285 Beltway. I currently do not recommend GA Hwy 13 (which the Buford Springs Connector is a part of) due to the ongoing investigation and traffic congestion.

During this time, please allow extra travel time and lots of patience. It’s never fun having to take detours because a major highway is closed, but your commute can be far worse if it is not planned out carefully.

Transit Services

If at all possible, please use public transit services during this time, as it will help alleviate congestion along key highways. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (or MARTA) is implementing increased rail services for today and this weekend. Please be sure to visit MARTA’s website for the latest information, including service changes, interruptions, and detours. You can also follow MARTA on Social Media and download the MARTA On the Go App. Currently, MARTA bus routes 6, 27, 30, 33, and 47 are being impacted by the incident and detours are possible. Please check with MARTA for the latest on these routes and allow extra commute time. Extra staffing will be provided along the MARTA system to assist customers in getting around.

Gwinnett County Transit buses originating in Gwinnett County will detour via I-20 and I-285.

For continuing updates on the I-85 closure, please monitor local media outlets.

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Gasparilla 2017

Side angle of #1506.
Beat the parking and traffic hassles this Gasparilla parade by using HART!

Pirates, and Beads, and Transit…oh my!

Yep, it’s that time again, for the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival! The Parade of the Pirates brings in hundreds of revelers each year, and along with that…tons and tons of roadway closures. So here’s what you need to know if you plan on attending the parade on Saturday, January 28, starting at 2:00pm.

Roadway Closures and Parking Info

On Friday, January 27, the day before the parade (that is TOMORROW as of the publishing of this post), many area roadways will begin to shut down. A complete list of closures has been provided through local media outlets (for this post, I’ve used the News Channel 8 article) and I strongly suggest that you go through this list so that you’re not caught in unnecessary traffic congestion. Because of the parade route and disbursement of the floats at the end of the parade, the Platt, Brorein, and Kennedy bridges will all be closed. That means your only points of egress into downtown Tampa will be the Cass St bridge, the Selmon Expressway, and I-275. If you don’t need to be in downtown Tampa, please do not enter the area! I cannot stress this enough.

For those traveling to Davis Island and Tampa General Hospital, access will be maintained to the island, but the on/off-ramps to/from Bayshore will all be closed. Please be sure to plan ahead for this, as shuttle service may not be available during the parade.

If you plan to park in one of the parking garages in either Downtown Tampa, Channelside, Hyde Park, or Ybor City, please make sure you remember where you parked. Also, keep in mind that many streets will be closed throughout the area. Please also be sure to bring cash, because some lots may only accept cash as payment. Additionally, please be aware that the City of Tampa prohibits parking on some streets.

Escape the parking and traffic hassles, use transit!

Select HART bus routes and the TECOline Streetcar Line will operate on a modified schedule on Saturday, and some bus routes will be detoured due to road closures. I’ll go through a brief rundown of what to expect if you’re using transit to get to and from the parade. For detailed information – including routes that serve the Downtown Tampa area – please visit the HART website, as information can change between now and the day of the parade.

Routes 7, 8, 14, 19, & 30 will be detoured! Please plan your trip accordingly! Below is a listing of how buses will be detoured, along with respective route maps. OneBusAway WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR THE ROUTES AFFECTED, SO PLEASE REFER TO POSTED SCHEDULES FOR DEPARTURE TIMES!!!

  • Routes 7 & 14 WILL NOT SERVE CASS ST. Instead, both routes will travel along Palm Ave from N. Boulevard and then follow Tampa St/Scott St into downtown (outbound will use Marion St/Henderson Ave/Florida Ave to Palm Ave).
  • Route 8 will be detoured via Nuccio Pkwy & Cass St. The normal route through Channelside and southern Downtown WILL NOT BE SERVED.
  • Routes 19 & 30 will be detoured via Howard/Armenia and I-275. The Platt/Cleveland/Brorien/Davis Island segments of Route 19 & the Kennedy Blvd segment of Route 30 east of Armenia/Howard WILL NOT BE SERVED.
    • Please make alternate arrangements if you are needing to get to/from Tampa General Hospital, as shuttle service may not be available.
    • If you reside in the Town-N-Country area, you can park your car at the Northwest Transfer Center and use Route 30 to connect to the Gasparilla festivities!
  • The TECOline Streetcar will run a modified schedule from 8:00am through 1:30am Sunday morning, and will only serve selected stations during selected times of the day. However, the Dick Greco Plaza, Centro Ybor, and Centennial Park stations will be served all day. The Whiting station will be CLOSED all day. Please read carefully through HART’s blog post for a complete listing of stations that will be closed throughout the day.
  • Feeder bus shuttles will pick up passengers at the Tampa Port Authority Garage, Dick Greco Plaza, Cumberland Ave, Cadrecha Plaza, and Streetcar Society stations to help get customers between various parking venues and the parade route. Service will commence at 9:30am and run through 7:00pm.
  • The In-Towner Saturday Route (Route 97) will operate along its normal route, but will provide frequent service throughout the day. Service will commence at 9:00am and run roughly every 15 to 20 minutes through 7:00pm. Customers may disembark the trolley at stops along Jackson St (inbound to Channelside) or Whiting St (Outbound to Marion Transit Center). OneBusAway tracking will be unavailable.

The Cross-Bay Ferry will NOT OPERATE!!!

For those hoping to hitch a ride on the ferry this Saturday, sorry folks! This is due to US Coast Guard regulations in place during the parade.

And remember, please party responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t text and drive.

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Greater Dayton RTA Service Suspension – What you need to know

Strike Force and Labor Dispute_0.jpg

It’s not too often that I report on transit happenings occurring outside of my coverage areas. However, in extenuating circumstances that could cause long-term impacts upon a transit agency while causing short to mid-term service disruptions – it’s important to know what your options may be if transit services are suddenly not available.

In the Dayton, OH region, many transit customers rely on the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority to provide bus and paratransit services each day. The area’s school district also contracts with the transit agency to provide basic bus service to and from schools. In Florida, most of the respective school districts provide their own busing to transport students to and from school.

During the past several months, a labor dispute has threatened to cripple transit services if left unresolved. Unionized employees have continually alleged that their needs for better pay and benefits have been left ignored by agency management. Despite several efforts to try and negotiate through the situation without incident, those talks have failed.

As of 12-midnight this morning, the unionized GDRTA employees are on strike, leaving regular bus services completely suspended and paratransit services operating at bare minimum levels until further notice. While many have been bracing for the possibility of a widespread service interruption in a worst-case-scenario for some time, other customers were left scrambling for transportation options as of this morning.

How did this happen?

Two key issues by which the unionized GDRTA employees – represented by the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1385 – are demanding that management resolve are pay and medical benefits. Workers state that there has been no pay raise since April 2014 and that they have not been properly compensated for overtime. Additionally, increased costs in health care have prompted the agency to make unpopular changes in their employee’s medical benefits. So far, the two sides have been unable to come to an agreement and the union announced its intent to go on strike in late December of 2016, with January 8th being the “make it, or break it moment”.

What you need to know going forward

There’s no doubt that as the AM rush hour starts to dwindle that many are left stranded, wondering how they’ll get to where they need to go. While the strike is in effect, expect increased traffic as those who have access to a personal vehicle but normally use transit will be on the roads. Additionally, ride sharing and taxi services will be to capacity and a speedy pickup may not be available. While biking, walking, carpooling, and telecommuting may be an option for some, it will not be an option for many others.

For those who rely on paratransit services (also known as Project Mobility), you should contact (937) 425-8300 for further information and scheduling a next-day trip. You can monitor updates through local media outlets and through social media. Frequently Asked Questions are posted to the RTA website.

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Route 74 Long-Term Detour – Effective 1/6/16 to TBD. July, 2016 Update.

Service Alert 1

With the October, 2016 Service Changes approved, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) has once again changed the detour routing for Route 74 between Gateway Mall and Pinellas Park. This time however, the changes are permanent, and permanent bus stops have been placed along the corridor. Please be mindful of where the new stops are located, and that Real Time Bus Information will not be available for these stops until PSTA is able to make its next GTFS update. At that point in time, the new stops will be added into the Real Time database and updates will be made to the Real Time Bus Tracking and Arrival Interface, on board digital signs and automated announcements, Google Maps, and OneBusAway. Also bear in mind that the Route 59 stops along MLK St N between Gandy Blvd and 94th Ave N will no longer serve Route 74 buses, as buses have resumed using 94th Ave N in both directions. Please refer to the diagram below for the new routing and stops.

Diagram showing Route 74's new routing and bus stops, as well as existing bus stops. Please click on the image for a larger view.
Diagram showing Route 74’s new routing and bus stops, as well as existing bus stops. Please click on the image for a larger view.

As depicted by the diagram, eastbound Route 74 buses will travel along Gandy Blvd N as they normally do from Pinellas Park. After passing the bus stop by Grand Ave, buses will pass under I-275 and the operator will prepare to turn left onto MLK St N, crossing over 94th Ave N. Buses will then turn left onto MLK St N, followed by another left onto 102nd Ave N. Buses will then turn left onto 16th St N, followed by another left onto 94th Ave N. After crossing over Gandy Blvd, buses will serve the existing stops along 94th Ave N before turning right onto MLK St N towards Gateway Mall. Westbound buses will follow the same pattern, but in the reverse direction – MLK St N going northbound, then left onto 94th Ave N (crossing over Gandy Blvd), then right onto 16th St N, followed by a right onto 102nd Ave N, MLK St N, and Gandy Blvd towards Pinellas Park (crossing over 94th Ave N).

The bus stops along 16th St N, by the Metropointe Business Center and the AGR Florida facility are now in their permanent spots, as well as the stops along 102nd Ave N in front of the Bel Air Apartments. Additionally, new stops have been placed on 94th Ave N immediately west of the westbound Gandy Blvd frontage road – replacing the bus stops that were previously located along the south frontage road by the Windjammer Condominiums.

Any specific information regarding the Route 74 detour, and any upcoming route changes, should be directed to PSTA. You can contact PSTA at 727-540-1900.

Please note that the fifth blog post regarding the October Service Changes is still forthcoming.

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Route 36 Re-alignment – Effective 6/6/16.

Beginning Monday, June 6, 2016, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) will be implementing a slight re-alignment in the routing of Route 36, which travels from the Interbay Peninsula (South Tampa Area) to Carrollwood. This permanent re-alignment is occurring because the intersection of Gunn Hwy and Linebaugh Ave is being reconfigured in a manner by which vehicles will no longer be permitted to turn left onto eastbound Gunn Hwy from westbound Linebaugh Ave. As a result of the re-alignment, buses will utilize the northbound entry ramp from Busch Blvd to northbound Dale Mabry Hwy, and the southbound exit ramp from southbound Dale Mabry Hwy to Busch Blvd. Busch Blvd turns into Gunn Hwy at the Dale Mabry interchange. Please refer to the HART diagram below for the current and new routing. Any questions or concerns should be directed to HART via the phone listed at the bottom of the flyer, or by visiting


Route 74 Long-Term Detour – Effective 1/6/16 to TBD – May, 2016 Update

As first reported back in January, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) Route 74 has been on detour in the Gateway area of Pinellas due to construction along Gandy Blvd. In March, changes were made to the route to accommodate the closure of the 16th St N interchange at Gandy Blvd. Since the opening of the 94th Ave N interchange with Gandy Blvd in April, the detour routing has changed once again. Please see the diagram below for the current detour routing.

Route 74 Detour 3A

Please keep in mind that further changes to Route 74 may be made between now and the October, 2016 service change cycle. For the October service changes, significant changes are being planned for Routes 4, 59, and 74, among others. A separate blog post will follow regarding the June and October service changes. Any specific information regarding the Route 74 detour, and any upcoming route changes, should be directed to PSTA. You can contact PSTA at 727-540-1900.

UPDATE: PSTA Route 74 Detour – 1/6/16 to TBD

Service Alert 1

For the past two months, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) has been detouring Route 74 along Gandy Blvd between MLK St N and I-275 due to construction. This past weekend brought upon a change in the detour route, which now have buses in both directions utilizing MLK St N between 94th Ave N and 102nd Ave N, then traveling along 102nd Ave N to 16th St N, and finally 16th St N to Gandy Blvd. The new routing is depicted in the map below, along with approximate locations of the temporary bus stops.

Route 74 Detour Map - Revised 03-13-2016

While this detour is temporary, I have a rather strong feeling that this change could possibly wind up being permanent, depending on how much usage the stops receive. It is to note that along 16th St N between Gandy and 102nd, there are several business parks that are grossly underserved by transit and anyone working in these parks must walk quite a bit to get to any nearby bus stop. Along 102nd Ave N is the Bel Air Apartments, by which anyone residing there would normally walk to the Route 59 stops along MLK St N.

I will be keeping riders posted on any future changes with Route 74, as the changes have not been very well communicated by PSTA.

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