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HART, JTA, & LYNX Spring Service Changes

…time for several transit agencies to enact service changes. On Sunday, March 24, 2019, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit will be enacting several routing &/or scheduling changes to improve efficiency. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) will do the same on Monday, April 1, 2019, followed… Continue Reading “HART, JTA, & LYNX Spring Service Changes”

Summer Service Changes – PSTA, HART, LYNX, SunRail, Votran

This post was last updated on 06/19/2018 More information has been released regarding the upcoming service changes for LYNX, SunRail, & Votran It’s that time again…service changes, service changes, service changes! In this post, I will outline some of the key changes that are… Continue Reading “Summer Service Changes – PSTA, HART, LYNX, SunRail, Votran”

Transit Agency Service Status Post-Hurricane Irma

Updated on 9/18/17 at 6:15AM – THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! Please check the Florida Public Transportation Association website to find your area’s respective transit agency website. Please be advised that due to the severe damage in the Florida Keys, Key West… Continue Reading “Transit Agency Service Status Post-Hurricane Irma”

LYNX April, 2017 Service Changes

The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (which does business as LYNX) will be enacting service changes on Sunday, April 30, 2017. These changes will largely comprise of scheduling adjustments, but four routes (links) will see some sort of routing change. You can access the revised… Continue Reading “LYNX April, 2017 Service Changes”

LYNX and HRT Service Changes – Effective 8/28/16

Beginning Sunday, August 28, 2016, the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) and Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) will enact various service changes throughout their respective systems. Please read carefully through the following changes. Further details – including route schedules – can be found on… Continue Reading “LYNX and HRT Service Changes – Effective 8/28/16”

Why Privatizing Public Transit is BAD NEWS

The debate has sprung up at least a couple of times in the past five years here in Tampa Bay, but now it seems that the debate on whether to contract out public transit agencies to a private operator is gaining some steam. Right… Continue Reading “Why Privatizing Public Transit is BAD NEWS”