Traveling Via Transit Safely During COVID-19

Currently, Routes 19, 34, & 52 are operating additional Covid Relief trips during the midday/early PM rush periods due to the continuation of capacity limits on board buses. Today’s post will go over some basic rules of the road/rail as more people begin to return to some degree of normalcy. This may include using publicContinue reading “Traveling Via Transit Safely During COVID-19”

Transit 101 – Episode 9 – Lost & Found

In my final installment of Transit 101, I will discuss what to do if you happen to leave an item on board a bus or train. I personally know how frustrating it is to realize that you’ve left something on board the bus or train during your journey – as I’ve left my bike onContinue reading “Transit 101 – Episode 9 – Lost & Found”

Transit 101 – Episode 8 – Still Need Assistance?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Transit 101 series & have been able to get some helpful tips out of it. For those of you who may still be intimidated about riding public transit, some transit agencies offer complementary travel training programs to help assist first time transit riders. Such programs will allow the rider toContinue reading “Transit 101 – Episode 8 – Still Need Assistance?”

Transit 101 – Episode 7 – Making Transfers

In this episode of Transit 101, I will be briefly discussing how to make transfers. Making transfers from one bus or rail route to another can sometimes be intimidating. However, it’s very important that you know what to do in order to make vital connections possible. Parallel Transfers The first type of transfer is aContinue reading “Transit 101 – Episode 7 – Making Transfers”

Gasparilla 2020

Post was updated on 01/24/2020 Yep, it’s that time again, for the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival! The Parade of the Pirates brings in hundreds of revelers each year, & along with that…tons and tons of roadway closures. So here’s what you need to know if you plan on attending the parade on Saturday, January 25, starting atContinue reading “Gasparilla 2020”

Winter 2019 Holiday Transit Schedules

It’s almost that time again – time to gather with family and friends for Christmas and New Year’s. As with many holidays, many transit agencies operate reduced schedules on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, with some smaller transit agencies not operating at all. Note: A generalized overview has been provided for the initialContinue reading “Winter 2019 Holiday Transit Schedules”

Thanksgiving Weekend 2019 Holiday Transit Schedules

Thanksgiving is almost here, meaning that you can spend some quality time with family and enjoy a hearty meal. It also means that the shopping hubbub that Black Friday often brings to our various retail establishments. And on top of that, the Thanksgiving weekend is often jammed packed full of specials and savings at localContinue reading “Thanksgiving Weekend 2019 Holiday Transit Schedules”

Veterans Day 2019 Holiday Service Schedules

Monday, November 11 is Veterans Day, with Friday, November 10, 2019 being observed by government offices.  While most transit agencies that I cover will operate a normal weekday schedule on November 11, some agencies may have exceptions as to which routes will run. Other agencies (specifically some smaller agencies) will not operate at all onContinue reading “Veterans Day 2019 Holiday Service Schedules”

PSTA Fall, 2019 Service Changes

The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) is enacting its fall, 2019 service changes on Sunday, October 20, 2019. While most of the changes comprise of minor scheduling adjustments, some big changes are coming to Routes 18, 73, the Central Ave Trolley, & the North County Connector network. In this post, I’ll first highlight these fourContinue reading “PSTA Fall, 2019 Service Changes”