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February, 2017 Photo of the Month


The Photo of the Month for February, 2017 was taken by my photo contributor Jake. He resides in Orange City, FL, which is just west-southwest of Daytona Beach, and has taken many photos of the transit buses in Volusia County, as well as neighboring Seminole and Orange Counties. The transit systems that he has photographed include Volusia County Transit (Votran), the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (d.b.a. LYNX), and SunRail. In addition, Jake often takes photos and videos of various First Responder vehicles. You can check out his YouTube Channel and Flickr Feed when you have a few moments.

The photograph shown here is of one of many LYNX transit buses. Over the past several years, the Gillig Low Floor BRT style transit bus has become the mainstay transit bus for the agency – with their one-piece windshields and sloping front and rear. LYNX has recently been ushering in CNG-powered transit buses, which means that the newer Gillig BRT+ style transit buses began making their debut in 2015. Making their debut in 2016 was a line of New Flyer Xcelsior CNG articulated buses, along with another batch of Gillig Low Floor BRT+ style CNG buses. LYNX also has several Nova LFS artics and two NABI BRT style artics in its fleet.

New Story Project – Tampa Bay of the Future

You may be reading the title of this post, but that’s not what I’m calling this story. In fact, right now, the story doesn’t have a name – not even a working title. However, I feel that I have put together enough details to be able to bring forth some basic information about the project to my readers.

What is this story about?

Nathan Tipton – the main character of the story. Note: All of my characters are created in The Sims 4.


First and foremost, this is purely a work of fiction. While it does take place in a real life area, the characters, venues, and many other elements of the story are all fictional, and all of my own creation. There will be some references to present-day events, places, and public figures, but all are done so coincidentally.

The story takes place in the Tampa Bay Area, but primarily St. Petersburg – all set in the year 2066 (later going into 2067). There won’t be flying cars (I don’t see that we’ll be in the Jetsons age that quickly), but vehicles will be automated and a key roadway that many use today won’t be in existence. There will also be a vast bus and monorail system involved, as well as a built-out Brightline intercity rail system, and a wide array of areas for people to take a breath of fresh air at (also known as parks).

The story revolves around a young man named Nathan Tipton. He is a police officer in San Francisco who winds up moving to St. Petersburg with his mom and younger brother (the latter who is also a police officer). While trying to get adjusted to his new life in Florida, he runs into some old friends and adversaries while trying to make new friends and find his forever soulmate. Throughout the story, Nate also encounters a variety of situations with some being harder to deal with than others.

As I continue to put this story together, I will post subsequent updates regarding the characters, venues, and the overall area by which the story takes place in. I don’t want to reveal too much more about the plot so as to not spoil everything.

If you’d like to provide any suggestions for this project, please feel free to contact me through the Contact Form (link is below).

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(Note: All links above have been updated to reflect the new website)

December, 2016 Photo of the Month


The Photo of the Month for December, 2016 was taken by my photo contributor and Social Media moderator Carlos. He resides in the Miami, FL area and frequents Miami-Dade Transit, as well as Broward County Transit, PalmTran, Tri-Rail, and from time to time – visits other transit systems in Florida and beyond. His most recent out-of-state trip was to New York City, where he got to visit the new 34th St/Hudson Yards subway station.

The bus photographed was the Optare Solo low floor shuttle bus, which was very short-lived in the United States due to a lack of demand and sales. Miami-Dade Transit purchased several of these buses during the course of 2003 with some having a rear door. During the time that this bus was being introduced in the US, Optare was owned by North American Bus Industries (NABI), which was recently bought out by New Flyer Industries. NABI sold Optare in 2005 and that contributed to the demise of the Solo bus in the US.

November, 2016 Photo of the Month


With the redesign of my website; I brought back the “Photo of the Month” section to showcase a particular transit photo that I took during the past month. For the month of November, and going forward however, I decided to include contributor photos into the mix. This allows me to showcase a broader range of transit vehicles and agencies – including agencies by which I currently do not cover in my website.

This month’s photo was taken by John, one of my photo contributors and social media moderators. He resides in the Bangor, ME area and has taken some pretty cool photos of the city’s “Community Connector” bus system. In addition; he has also taken photos of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority system in Boston, MA, as well as the Lowell Regional Transit Authority system – which serves Lowell, MA (just outside Boston) and the towns of Billerica, Burlington, Dracut, Chelmsford, Tewksbury, Tyngsborough, Westford and Wilmington, MA.

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Presenting…The Global Transit Guidebook!

Many of you may know by now that my website is undergoing a major revamp, which began with the implementation of a new theme. But now I have a new name for the site as well, and I think that most of you will be delighted to see the changes!

After careful consideration; I’ve decided to officially rename my site as “The Global Transit Guidebook by HARTride 2012”. I chose this name due to the global scope and reach that I want my site to have. I want to be able to profile multiple transit agencies from across the globe and be able to do so in a similar fashion to that of a magazine or travel guidebook. Thus I think the new name fits in with my intentions quite perfectly!

While you can still link to my site using the existing web address –, I very happy to say that I have a domain name –

A snapshot of the new homepage.
A snapshot of the new homepage.

The theme that I’ve chosen for my site was actually featured by WordPress back in 2014 – thus its name is Twenty Fourteen.  Its sleek, modern, magazine-like design is perfect for what I want to convey to my readers – and it’s mobile friendly too! You’ll notice on the homepage that there is a scrolling section where I will post new and featured posts. The posts that you see on the scrolling section will change regularly so that you’re not seeing the same content week after week.

You will also notice the Showcase section on the right-hand side of most pages. This section will feature specific highlights from my transit travels and other snippets. In addition to the new Showcase section, the Photo of the Month module from a previous version of my site has returned. This module will be situated on the left-hand side of all pages, and members of The Global Transit Guidebook Forum (Facebook Group) will have the chance to vote on future selections.

There will be many other changes that you will begin seeing in the next several weeks – including new photos and graphics, as well as updates to my transit adventures and new episodes of Transit 101 and other focus posts (now called Spotlight Posts). I will also be adding new watermarks to my photos to help deter unauthorized usage.

If you’d to send me your feedback on the various changes to my site, please feel free to do so via the Contact link, the website survey, or by sounding off on my Social Media channels.

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New Transit Photos Coming This Fall!

#0902 at Cattlemen.
I will be uploading a new collection of photos from HART, PSTA, MCAT, and SCAT this fall!

With the upcoming website changes – one that you may already have noticed (which is a new theme that I’ll go over soon) – I will be uploading a ton of new photos, as well as photos that previously were not uploaded due to website sections being incomplete. I invite you to please stay tuned for the new photos, as you’ll like them a lot!

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Website Relaunch Survey

Website Survey 1

This fall, I plan on beginning a massive overhaul and relaunch of my website to provide a better experience for my readers. In order to build a better website; I have put together an online survey that will ask for your suggestions. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and your suggestions are greatly appreciated. During the survey, you will also have the chance to suggest a new name for the site.

What does the survey encompass?

First Impression

What is the first impression when you visit my site?


I will ask you to rate my site overall, as well as 5 specific aspects: layout, functionality, attractiveness/design, content, and interactivity.

What do you want to see?

What existing content do you want to continue seeing on my site? What new content do you want to see? And is there anything that you no longer want to see?

Transit Agency Profiles

What transit agencies would you like me to profile in the future?

What’s in a Name?

You will have a chance to suggest a new name for site. While this section is completely optional, if you can think up a catchy name that relates to public transit and isn’t copyrighted, I might just choose your suggestion.

Additional Comments

Suggest anything that I didn’t cover in the survey

Deadline to complete the survey

The survey will be open through September 24, 2016 – 11:55PM EDT.

After that, the link to the survey will be deleted and no further responses will be allowed. I will then spend the next week evaluating responses. I hope to be able to re-launch the site by December 3, 2016.

So without further delay…

Launch the Survey

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Limited Website/Blog/Social Media Activity during the Independence Day weekend

Holiday Break 1

My moderating staff and I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend! Like many of you, I plan to do some relaxing during the course of the holiday weekend. So as a result, there will be no new blog posts or website activity on Sunday, July 3, 2016 and Monday, July 4, 2016, and Social Media activity will be limited during this time as well. Regular activities will resume on Tuesday, July 5, 2016.

Also as a reminder to everyone, if you plan to use transit over the weekend, many agencies are running limited to no service on Monday, July 4, 2016.

Warmest Regards,

HARTride 2012 – Website Administrator
& the Public Transit As Told By HARTride 2012 Moderators.

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Website Update – November, 2015

Website Update - 2015-11-02

During the course of the past few months, over two dozen photos have been added across my website. Most of those photos have been added to my new PSTA bus fleet page, while the rest have been added to the HART bus fleet pages. I’ve also updated information throughout the HART section; including transfer center information, fares, holiday service schedule, and routes. A routes page for PSTA has also been created, and several more pages will be added to the PSTA section during the course of this month.

Planned Updates for November

Below is a running list of goals that I aim to complete for my year-end website update:

  • Updating of the HART section.
    • Adding photos to the Marion St Transitway subsection.
    • The continuation of updating of links to the HART website.
    • Adding photos the the TECOline Streetcar page that I took during the 2015 Streetcar Fest.
    • Route listing update to coincide with the December, 2015 service changes.
  • Continuing expansion of the PSTA section.
    • Completing the main page with practical and historical information.
    • Adding sections for the PSTA Flex Connector and Trolleys.
  • Continuing expansion of the MCAT section.
    • Completing the main page with practical and historical information.
    • Route listing update.
    • Adding bus fleet photos from my contributor, Carlos A.
  • Continuing expansion of the SCAT section.
    • Completing the main page with practical and historical information.
    • Adding a route listing page.
    • Adding bus fleet photos from my contributor, Carlos A.
  • Updating of the Tampa International Airport section.
    • Addition of new photos.
    • Update on the expansion project.
    • New blog post on a possible TPA-SFO non-stop.
  • BONUS (if I have the opportunity).
    • Updating of the Northern Tampa Bay section (if I can take photos of the PCPT and Hernando THEbus buses).
    • Completion of the StarMetro Tallahassee section.

All of the above updates will help me focus on creating the necessary pages for my Metro Orlando/Daytona Beach sections during the course of January and February, 2016, as Carlos and I have new photos of LYNX (Metro Orlando) and Votran (Volusia County).

Upcoming Planned Blog Posts

By the end of this week

Veterans Day Holiday Transit Service Schedule

Go Hillsborough Update (whatever comes out of the November 5 Hillsborough TED PLG meeting)

Remainder of November

Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Transit Service Schedule

Friday Rewind – My experience in Pinellas County so far


How far can Tampa Bay get with ferries and commuter rail?

Christmas/New Year’s Holiday Transit Service Schedule

Year-End Transit Roundup

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Website Update – September, 2015


It’s been a while since I published a website update post, so let’s go through some of the changes that I’ve made thus far, as well as highlight what is to come for the remainder of 2015.

Expansion Mode

Currently, my website is beginning a full-blown expansion into Pinellas County. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see a dramatically more detailed Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) section with general system information, a bus fleet section, as well as dedicated sections for the trolleybus and Flex (Connector) routes. I am finally having a chance to complete this section because I now reside in St. Petersburg and am able to have opportunities to ride aboard the PSTA system. Please be sure to read up on my first PSTA bus adventure and stay tuned for Episode 2, which is coming real soon! In addition to the PSTA section expansion, please look for further updates on the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit section, as well as updates and expansion to the Hampton Roads Transit, Manatee County Area Transit, and Sarasota County Area Transit sections.  Also be sure to look out for the completion of my Metro Orlando and Tallahassee sections as we approach the end of 2015.

Improvements made so far

You probably have noticed many improvements that have already been made to my website during the past few weeks. These improvements include:

  • Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (Florida Transports)
    • Transit Routes – Gave the page a new look and updated route information.
    • MetroRapid – Updated “Future Corridors” and “Fleet” sections.
    • Current Bus Fleet – Gave the page a new look using photo mosaics for sections that have more than 3 to 4 photos, and added 38 new photos.
    • Bus Fleet Roster – While this page is still up, all future updates to the HART bus roster will be made via an Excel spreadsheet that is available through my Dropbox account.
  • Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (Florida Transports)
    • Transit Routes – Gave the page a new look and updated route information.
  • Hampton Roads Transit (Virginia Transports)
    • Virginia Beach WAVE – Updated route information, as service is winding down for the year.
  • Intercity Services (New Page in the main Transports page) – This page will go through the intercity and mainline bus and rail services that are available in the United States and beyond.
  • Disclosures Page (Legal Stuff) – This page lists any contributions to non-profit and political advocacy groups.

Stamps being added to new photos

You’ll probably notice something different about my newest batch of photos. Photos that were taken in August, going forward, have been stamped to lessen the chance of my photos being used elsewhere without my permission. While I have not had any problems with unauthorized use of my photos, I have heard about other transit photographers having issues, so I’d rather be on the safe side going forward. The photo at the top of this post serves as an example of what you’ll see.

Please note that I will still post photos that will be designated for Public Domain.

That bar at the bottom of each post

Yes, another change is what you’ll see at the end of each post. My website’s URL, along with a link that goes directly to my Contact Form, links to my social media sites, and links to my Legal Stuff page, including Disclosures.

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