September, 2019 Photo of the Month

Showcase Time!

Our September Showcase photo came in a bit late here on the website due to some personal obligations. However, it’s better late than never that I get this next post up, so…with that, we continue our journey across the US. Where to next you ask?

This month, we travel over to what is known as #CityBeautiful – Orlando, FL. The Orlando region is home to a tri-county regional transit agency known as the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority – which does business as LYNX.

LYNX operates roughly 85 bus routes throughout Orange, Osceola, & Seminole Counties, as well as a paratransit service called Access LYNX, & a flex-route neighborhood connector service called NeighborLink. Additionally, the agency operates limited-stop routes called FastLink & a Bus Rapid Transit style circulator system in Orlando called LYMMO. LYNX routes are commonly referred to as Links & the agency’s mascot is the lynx.

LYNX’s bus fleet mostly comprises of 40′ Gillig Low Floor buses with the BRT styling. However, there are several articulated bus fleets that operate on busier routes like the 8 & 50. These articulated buses include 2013 & 2014-series Nova Low Floor Series (LFS), as well as 2016 & 2019 New Flyer Xcelsiors. The above photo is of 2016 NFI XN60 (CNG) #226-616.

Like many transit agencies across the nation, LYNX is unable to provide as much service as it would like due to funding constraints. There is currently talk of holding a transportation sales tax referendum to help fund LYNX & SunRail service in Orange County, but it isn’t clear as to whether this will indeed be pursued.

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The Back To School 2019 Post

Always be aware of the school buses!

It’s time for students to return to school – & the school buses to hit the roads once again.

Well folks! It’s that time again! Time for many people to head back to school! & whether you’re a college student attending one of the local colleges or universities, or a parent trying to get some last minute school supply shopping done for your children, it is always important to know that with the school year starting back up, you can expect increased traffic on the roads. & yes, that includes those big yellow school buses!

In this Back to School Edition blog post, I will be highlighting the importance of school bus safety, because often times, we see accidents that involve a school bus. All 50 states in the US have laws that revolve around school buses, specifically laws that make it illegal to pass a school bus when it is stopped (and its red lights are flashing & signs are extended out). Sadly, there are too many incidents by which vehicles pass a stopped school bus as it is loading or unloading passengers, and some of those incidents have involved fatalities or serious injury.

Quick note, it delights me to announce that Shawn B.’s School Bus Driver site is back up & running! So please check it out, including – & especially, the page dedicated to informing you & I about when you are required to stop when the school bus is stopped (in the manner by which I mentioned a moment ago). He also has a couple of videos posted that clearly depict the dangers presented when other motorists fail to stop for the stopped school bus.

Below, is a classic example of motorists not doing what they’re required to do. FOX 13 (WTVT) reported on this matter, along with several other local media outlets, in Port Richey, FL in 2018. Things got so bad along this portion of US Hwy 19 (which is already a massively busy highway to begin with) that the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has to step in & hand out citations to the violators.

As always, I wish everyone that is headed back to the classroom a safe and wonderful school year!

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