The Back to School 2022 Post

It’s time for students to return to school – & the school buses to hit the roads once again. Well folks! It’s that time again! Time for many people to head back to school! & whether you’re a college student attending one of the local colleges or universities, or a parent trying to get someContinue reading “The Back to School 2022 Post”

Join the Global Transit Guidebook Virtual Community on Discord!

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was heavily relying on Facebook to create a virtual community for fellow transit enthusiasts, riders, & advocates. As the height of the pandemic lockdowns plagued the globe, many were turning to the Discord platform – which was originally aimed at connecting online gamers with their respective audiences. With theContinue reading “Join the Global Transit Guidebook Virtual Community on Discord!”

Traveling Via Transit Safely During COVID-19

Currently, Routes 19, 34, & 52 are operating additional Covid Relief trips during the midday/early PM rush periods due to the continuation of capacity limits on board buses. Today’s post will go over some basic rules of the road/rail as more people begin to return to some degree of normalcy. This may include using publicContinue reading “Traveling Via Transit Safely During COVID-19”