No New Funding Equals; Transit in Crisis Mode

With the upcoming service changes, one would think that the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (which does business under the banner of LYNX) wouldn’t be under any sort of financial distress. However, it became clear this month that the situation is otherwise. Note: I originally planned to only talk about LYNX’s situation in this post.Continue reading “No New Funding Equals; Transit in Crisis Mode”

HART Network Restructuring – Part 1

You may have heard during the past few months about Hillsborough Area Regional Transit. I’m not talking about the Premium Transit Feasibility Study or OneBusAway; but rather, I’m referring to the planned network restructuring that the agency is currently planning. The massive changes are a part of the normal Transit Development Plan update that HART, andContinue reading “HART Network Restructuring – Part 1”

The Tea Party vision for the federal Highway Trust Fund

Many of you by now have probably read my “No New Funding (equals) A Transportation Disaster” blog post that I put out back in April, which explained the current situation of federal Highway Trust Fund and why it’s running dry. On June 30th, I put out a brief follow-up post stating how time is running out forContinue reading “The Tea Party vision for the federal Highway Trust Fund”

Time is running out to keep the National Highway Trust Fund from running dry!

This is a follow-up to a post that I published back in April, 2014. Since this post was published, very little has been done in Washington, D.C. to arrive at a long-term solution to keep our National Highway Trust Fund going. As this editorial says, the Congressional bickering continues to drag on with no endContinue reading “Time is running out to keep the National Highway Trust Fund from running dry!”

No New Funding (equals) A Transportation Disaster

It seems that every month, we’re faced with a new looming fiscal disaster that is only averted by our elected officials in Washington D.C. at the very last minute. Many of us know all to well the words “fiscal cliff” and “credit downgrade”. Both phrases have been synonymous with the continual partisan bickering in theContinue reading “No New Funding (equals) A Transportation Disaster”

Say What? The City of Norfolk is defunding HRT Route 16?

Almost a year ago, Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) announced that they would revise the Route 17 (formerly known as the Norfolk NET) into a one-way loop around the downtown Norfolk area. This change coincided with the move of the downtown bus transfer hub from Cedar Grove to an interim location along Wood St. Now, there’sContinue reading “Say What? The City of Norfolk is defunding HRT Route 16?”

No New Funding (equals) Cutting existing service to accommodate new service

Over the past several years, Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) has seen a steady increase in ridership. Some areas in fact, are warranting the need to new bus service, and SCAT would like to be able to service new areas where the demand for transit is needed. However, in this day and age where keepingContinue reading “No New Funding (equals) Cutting existing service to accommodate new service”

Why 2014 needs to be the year of transit improvements for Tampa Bay

As Pinellas County gears up for its 2014 transit referendum, neighboring Hillsborough County is still debating as to whether or not they hold a transit referendum vote during the same year, or delay it until 2015 or 2016. With efforts in Pinellas now kicking into high gear, we must make it clear to our electedContinue reading “Why 2014 needs to be the year of transit improvements for Tampa Bay”

The Infrastructure Funding Debate

I originally planned on posting this topic back on May 30, 2013, but I wanted to make sure that everything in this post is as accurate as possible. On May 23, 2013, a section of the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River in Washington State, just north of Seattle, collapsed after a tractor trailer truckContinue reading “The Infrastructure Funding Debate”

No new funding = Cutbacks in future transit expansion

In my third installment of “No new funding (equals)”, I focus on some disappointing news that broke over the weekend in Hampton Roads, VA. The area’s two major transit districts; Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) and the Williamsburg Area Transit Authority (WATA) were slated to get a good amount of state and federal funds over the nextContinue reading “No new funding = Cutbacks in future transit expansion”