IMPORTANT NOTICE – Offline during Irma

With Hurricane Irma setting its sights on Tampa Bay and western Florida, I will be offline after 12-noon on Sunday, September 10, 2017. I don’t know when I will be back on, but I hope to be able to provide an update as soon as the storm is over. However, an immediate response may notContinue reading “IMPORTANT NOTICE – Offline during Irma”

Transit Agency Service Status Post-Hurricane Irma

Updated on 9/18/17 at 6:15AM – THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! Please check the Florida Public Transportation Association website to find your area’s respective transit agency website. Please be advised that due to the severe damage in the Florida Keys, Key West Transit will not be operating for the foreseeable future. Service Status asContinue reading “Transit Agency Service Status Post-Hurricane Irma”

Weather Advisory – Hurricane Irma

Check the status of transit agencies in FL If you reside along the US east coast, chances are, you’ve been following the progress of Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma has become an intense and dangerous storm – sustaining Category 4 strength during much of this weekend. The storm is expected to batter the Caribbean before eventuallyContinue reading “Weather Advisory – Hurricane Irma”