Weather Advisory – Hurricane Dorian

Post was last updated on 09/10/2019 @ 9:35am EDT.This was the final update made. Dorian was declared as an extratropical system on 09/07/2019 and continues to move east, northeast across the eastern Canadian maritimes (Nova Scotia & Newfoundland). As the storm enters the northern Atlantic, it is expected to be downgraded to an extratropical storm,Continue reading “Weather Advisory – Hurricane Dorian”

WEATHER ADVISORY – Passing cold front brings continuous rain, strong winds

Today & Friday (April 18, 2019 & April 19, 2019) are set to be very rough, rainy, & windy for much of the southeastern & east coastal US. Today, much of the southeast can expect heavy rain, gusty winds, & the possibility of hail & tornadoes. That threat moves to Florida & the east coastContinue reading “WEATHER ADVISORY – Passing cold front brings continuous rain, strong winds”

WEATHER ADVISORY – Passing cold front brings continuous rain, strong winds

As you’re waking up and getting ready for your day this morning, please be sure to check the weather forecast carefully, as a passing cold front is bringing us rain and some gusty winds today and tomorrow. You’ll also want to secure any outdoor furniture and holiday decor, and plan your commutes accordingly. In additionContinue reading “WEATHER ADVISORY – Passing cold front brings continuous rain, strong winds”

Weather Advisory – Hurricane Nate

The storm has been officially upgraded to Category 1 Hurricane status as of 11:00pm on 10/6/17. October is always a month to watch when it comes to tropical activity because tropical storms are most favorable to form in the western Caribbean. Well, over the past couple of days, we’ve seen tropical development near the southwesternContinue reading “Weather Advisory – Hurricane Nate”

Weather Advisory – Hurricane Maria

I really didn’t want to write this post, but as of the writing of this post, Hurricane Maria has rapidly intensified to a high Category 4/low Category 5 storm. While the current track has the storm curving northwest prior to the Bahamas, as we saw with Irma, nothing is certain five days out. Many alongContinue reading “Weather Advisory – Hurricane Maria”

Weather Advisory – Hurricane Irma

Check the status of transit agencies in FL If you reside along the US east coast, chances are, you’ve been following the progress of Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma has become an intense and dangerous storm – sustaining Category 4 strength during much of this weekend. The storm is expected to batter the Caribbean before eventuallyContinue reading “Weather Advisory – Hurricane Irma”

UPDATE: Tropical system develops into Tropical Depression 9

Things can change in the matter of just a few days, or even a few hours when it comes to the weather. Late Sunday, “Invest 99L” developed into Tropical Depression 9 and is expected to become a Tropical Storm by late today or going into Tuesday. While the forecast track and the intensity of theContinue reading “UPDATE: Tropical system develops into Tropical Depression 9”

Weather Advisory – Tropical System to possibly strike Florida this upcoming week

UPDATE AS OF 5:00PM, 8/28/16 – With Hurricane Season approaching its annual peak activity period, we need to remain prepared for the worst if it happens. Florida has been very fortunate to not get hit with anything stronger than a tropical storm in the past few years, but that luck could run out soonerContinue reading “Weather Advisory – Tropical System to possibly strike Florida this upcoming week”

Transit Tip for January, 2013 – Be careful of the fog.

Hi everyone!   Today, I am going to restart my monthly transit tips, which give helpful advice to public transit travelers everywhere! Now, whether you use public transit or not, I strongly feel that it is vital to inform people of various things that could be of help. I’m sure you have heard the termContinue reading “Transit Tip for January, 2013 – Be careful of the fog.”