Transit Tip for January, 2013 – Be careful of the fog.

Hi everyone!


Today, I am going to restart my monthly transit tips, which give helpful advice to public transit travelers everywhere! Now, whether you use public transit or not, I strongly feel that it is vital to inform people of various things that could be of help. I’m sure you have heard the term “news you can use”? I like to think of these tips as exactly that, “news you can use”. However, these helpful tips cover a variety of topics, as you will see when I make a post that has some of the tips that I’ve previously posted on my Tampa Bay Transit as told by HARTride 2012 site.

So for this month’s helpful tip. I would like to make everyone aware that foggy mornings and evenings can be real dangerous, especially if you are walking from A to B. Whenever there is fog, the level of visibility is often greatly reduced, meaning that it is very difficult for others to see you – especially those who are driving vehicles. It is also difficult for you to see others, like bicyclists and other drivers. You often hear people saying “make sure you use your low beams when driving”, which is definitely true. Because if you use your high beams while driving, you risk blinding other drivers and it is very hard to see pedestrians who may be trying to cross the road, thus increasing the likelihood of a serious accident.

For public transit customers, fog can present a very precarious situation in of itself because it is very difficult for the bus operator to see customers who are waiting at the next stop. Even if you wait right next to the bus stop sign, the bus operator can often miss you simply because he or she cannot see you. Now, although you can carry a flashlight with you – which I personally would recommend – please be careful where you point it, as you may accidentally blind the bus operator. An alternative that I’ve seen many people talk about recently (including Jason – aka Yo Bus Driver) is using the light from your cell phone to make yourself visible to the bus operator. As the bus approaches, activate the light on your phone screen and point the screen towards the direction of the bus. It will allow the operator to spot you as he or she approaches your stop, allowing you to board so that you can get from A to B.

With this said, please be sure to use extra caution during periods of fog. Not just because of the reasons above, but also because the limited visibility makes it easier for criminals to ambush you. As always, if you notice anything suspicious, contact law enforcement immediately.


Have a great day!

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