Route 74 Long-Term Detour – Effective 1/6/16 to TBD. July, 2016 Update.

Service Alert 1

With the October, 2016 Service Changes approved, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) has once again changed the detour routing for Route 74 between Gateway Mall and Pinellas Park. This time however, the changes are permanent, and permanent bus stops have been placed along the corridor. Please be mindful of where the new stops are located, and that Real Time Bus Information will not be available for these stops until PSTA is able to make its next GTFS update. At that point in time, the new stops will be added into the Real Time database and updates will be made to the Real Time Bus Tracking and Arrival Interface, on board digital signs and automated announcements, Google Maps, and OneBusAway. Also bear in mind that the Route 59 stops along MLK St N between Gandy Blvd and 94th Ave N will no longer serve Route 74 buses, as buses have resumed using 94th Ave N in both directions. Please refer to the diagram below for the new routing and stops.

Diagram showing Route 74's new routing and bus stops, as well as existing bus stops. Please click on the image for a larger view.
Diagram showing Route 74’s new routing and bus stops, as well as existing bus stops. Please click on the image for a larger view.

As depicted by the diagram, eastbound Route 74 buses will travel along Gandy Blvd N as they normally do from Pinellas Park. After passing the bus stop by Grand Ave, buses will pass under I-275 and the operator will prepare to turn left onto MLK St N, crossing over 94th Ave N. Buses will then turn left onto MLK St N, followed by another left onto 102nd Ave N. Buses will then turn left onto 16th St N, followed by another left onto 94th Ave N. After crossing over Gandy Blvd, buses will serve the existing stops along 94th Ave N before turning right onto MLK St N towards Gateway Mall. Westbound buses will follow the same pattern, but in the reverse direction – MLK St N going northbound, then left onto 94th Ave N (crossing over Gandy Blvd), then right onto 16th St N, followed by a right onto 102nd Ave N, MLK St N, and Gandy Blvd towards Pinellas Park (crossing over 94th Ave N).

The bus stops along 16th St N, by the Metropointe Business Center and the AGR Florida facility are now in their permanent spots, as well as the stops along 102nd Ave N in front of the Bel Air Apartments. Additionally, new stops have been placed on 94th Ave N immediately west of the westbound Gandy Blvd frontage road – replacing the bus stops that were previously located along the south frontage road by the Windjammer Condominiums.

Any specific information regarding the Route 74 detour, and any upcoming route changes, should be directed to PSTA. You can contact PSTA at 727-540-1900.

Please note that the fifth blog post regarding the October Service Changes is still forthcoming.

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