HART MetroRapid – Part 3

Greetings everyone!

Just a quick update on the construction of HART’s MetroRapid line. Roughly a dozen shelters have been set up along the route, and all 14 Gillig Low Floor buses to be used on the line have been delivered to HART. However, it is my understanding that there have been some delays with construction of shelters and concrete landing pads. From what I’ve been told by HART staff, utility poles have impacted construction of concrete landing pads and thus have had to be relocated. Other than that, things appear to be going as planned.

A couple weeks ago, HART announced that MetroRapid will likely go into service during its June service cycle. HART currently evaluates its transit services and makes changes as needed three times a year: March, June, and November. Although there was no reason mentioned for the setback, I suspect that it is nothing major. Many project completion dates are adjusted for a variety of reasons, including those that are beyond one’s control. With that said, I hope to report back soon with some photos of shelters that have been constructed. Perhaps at some point, I’ll be able to encounter one of the green/white buses in testing mode along the Nebraska Ave or Fletcher Ave corridors.

Have a great week!

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