Photo Galleries of Montrouge!

Greetings everyone!

I would like to share some links with you. These are links to a few photo albums from the Paris Metro Line 4 blog by Dominique Josse that depict the construction of station Mairie de Montrouge. There are three albums to view, all of which are accessible from the left side navigation bar on the homepage. Since the site is in French however, it may be difficult for some to locate the exact links to the albums.

Don’t forget to check out the virtual tour by clicking on the link ” Visite virtuelle station Mairie de Montrouge” located on the left side navigation bar. It’s very cool and very realistic!

Please stay tuned for further updates. The countdown to the grand opening is well underway, and this time (unlike Front Populaire on Line 12), I plan to really enjoy the excitement as if I was actually in Paris!


Warmest Regards,

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