Cindyville Fictional Transit System – Part 1

Greetings everyone! In this installment of my fantasy transit systems series, I’m going to present to you another fictional city that I have a transit system for. This is the fictional city of Cindyville, by which I had a decent bus system set up for (including schedules and route maps) before my old computer crashed.Continue reading “Cindyville Fictional Transit System – Part 1”

Norfolk Fantasy Subway – Part 4

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my fantasy transport projects, so let me go ahead a provide an update. I’ll first start with the Norfolk fantasy subway system, and then next week, I’ll follow up on the fantasy rail system for Tampa. In this installment of the Norfolk fantasy subway system, I’mContinue reading “Norfolk Fantasy Subway – Part 4”

Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 3

In my third installment of my fantasy subway for the Hampton Roads, VA area, I focus on Line 3. Line 3 connects the two busy military hubs of Naval Station Norfolk and Naval Air Station Oceana via the Lynnhaven area and Norfolk International Airport. This particular line has 18 stations and is one of aContinue reading “Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 3”

Happy New Year! ~ 2013…here we go!

Happy New Year everyone! With the start of 2013, I would like to let everyone know what I am working on for the month of January. Some of the posts that I am planning out include: Ventra: An innovative common-use transit payment system that is being implemented this year throughout the Chicago transit system. Paris MetroContinue reading “Happy New Year! ~ 2013…here we go!”

Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 2

I have two small updates for my fantasy subway project that I’m doing on Google Maps that revolves around the Hampton Roads, VA area. The first update consists of the addition of five tramway (light rail) lines throughout Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Portsmouth. I will briefly go through where each of the lines travel to.Continue reading “Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 2”

Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 1

This will be the first in a series of blog posts revolving around my fictional transit systems. I was originally going to begin with my Mushroom Kingdom fantasy transit system, but I still have to make a few changes to the map before I can upload it. Instead, I will be focusing this post onContinue reading “Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 1”