HRT December 2014 Roundup – Includes January, 2015 Service Changes

Let’s talk transit in Hampton Roads, VA. In addition to some bus service changes that have rolled out in the past month – and still to come, officials at Hampton Roads Transit have been talking about other issues affecting the area’s transit system. In this roundup post, I’m going to be discussing some of theseContinue reading “HRT December 2014 Roundup – Includes January, 2015 Service Changes”

Please help those in need in the Philippines!

As many of you know, the Philippines (which is my home country) was struck by a powerful Category 5 hurricane (typhoon) this past weekend (making landfall on Saturday, November 9). The storm, named Haiyan (though its known in the Philippines as Yolanda) caused catastrophic damage throughout the provincial islands of Samar and Leyte. The overall deathContinue reading “Please help those in need in the Philippines!”

Hurricane Season 2013 is upon us

Hi everyone, It’s almost the end of May, which means that Hurricane Season is once again upon us. This hurricane season is predicted to be an above-average season according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Colorado State University. Predictions this year call for at least 12 named storms, with 6 to 10 storms becomingContinue reading “Hurricane Season 2013 is upon us”

Transit Tip for January, 2013 – Be careful of the fog.

Hi everyone!   Today, I am going to restart my monthly transit tips, which give helpful advice to public transit travelers everywhere! Now, whether you use public transit or not, I strongly feel that it is vital to inform people of various things that could be of help. I’m sure you have heard the termContinue reading “Transit Tip for January, 2013 – Be careful of the fog.”

Merry Christmas & the Year-End Transit Roundup!

Hi everyone! I know that I’ve been lagging behind on posting as of late. I’ve been trying to get into a regular schedule, but November and December have been much busier than I thought. Holiday event planning is definitely no easy task, and I’ve been having to help my family out with several different eventsContinue reading “Merry Christmas & the Year-End Transit Roundup!”

Watching Issac…

Hi everyone, The RNC is just days away. Unfortunately, we now have a significant hurricane threat on our hands. Tropical Storm Issac formed in the Atlantic roughly a week ago and the projected path sends the storm right into Florida during the week of the RNC. Not far behind Issac is Tropical Storm Joyce, whichContinue reading “Watching Issac…”

July Friday Rewind – Hurricane Season 2012 is in full swing

For this edition of Friday Rewind (which I happened to publish late); I take a look back at my posting regarding the 2012 Hurricane Season. Now why did I choose this post to reflect on? Because I feel that I did not put enough emphasis on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and how it is impactedContinue reading “July Friday Rewind – Hurricane Season 2012 is in full swing”

Hurricane Season 2012 is in full swing

Hi everyone, With much of Florida under rainfall from Tropical Storm Debby, I wanted to dedicate this post to how important it is to be prepared for the Hurricane season and to inform everyone that you do have options if you are not able to evacuate from the Bay Area. I know that many ofContinue reading “Hurricane Season 2012 is in full swing”