July Friday Rewind – Hurricane Season 2012 is in full swing

For this edition of Friday Rewind (which I happened to publish late); I take a look back at my posting regarding the 2012 Hurricane Season. Now why did I choose this post to reflect on? Because I feel that I did not put enough emphasis on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and how it is impacted during storms. It is extremely important to know exactly what justifies a complete closure of the bridge during inclement weather. Below is a clipping from the original post.

Also to note, whenever there high winds (anything above 25mph, sustained), the “High Winds” indicator lights will flash as you approach the bridge. When winds exceed 40mph, sustained, the Florida Highway Patrol has the authority to close the bridge entirely in order to ensure the safety of commuters.

Now, I don’t joke on this. The Sunshine Skyway is a high bridge; and when the weather gets ugly, FHP pays close attention to weather conditions. Whenever sustained winds exceed 40mph, FHP will close the bridge completely, forcing all commuters to seek I-75 as the main alternate route.

Edward Ringwald recently blogged on his own site, dedicated to Interstate 275 in Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties, about the closing of the Skyway during inclement weather. I strongly feel that his post provides a more detailed viewpoint of what I’ve been trying to convey, which is…what exactly constitutes a full closure of the Skyway. You can read his post here.

Please let me know what you think!

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