Friday Rewind – 2008 HART Fleet Repainting

In this month’s Friday Rewind, I take a look back at when Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) began repainting their bus fleet. When I began riding HART in 2006, most of their buses still donned the late 90’s era “HARTline” white with red/blue/green ribbons scheme. The only exception was the 2005 & 2006-series buses whichContinue reading “Friday Rewind – 2008 HART Fleet Repainting”

Friday Rewind – Reflections on HART’s West Tampa Transfer Center

With only a week left before Hillsborough Area Regional Transit launches its Mission MAX system restructuring, I wanted to take a few moments to provide a personal reflection on the West Tampa Transfer Center. HART will be closing down the center permanently after Saturday, October 7, 2017 in favor of having an on-street transfer along Dale MabryContinue reading “Friday Rewind – Reflections on HART’s West Tampa Transfer Center”

FRIDAY REWIND – 2013 visit to Norfolk, VA

Two years ago this month, I took a trip to Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA to visit relatives and to embark on my first ride along a light rail line. In this Friday Rewind post, I will reflect back on my experience in Hampton Roads and how the area is pushing for more transportation choices, In manyContinue reading “FRIDAY REWIND – 2013 visit to Norfolk, VA”

January (Late) Friday Rewind – HART Route 19

In this (late) edition of Friday Rewind, I will profile one of my favorite Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) bus routes, Route 19. Brief History Route 19 was a part of HART’s original bus system when the agency was created in the early 1980s. Although most of its route has remained unchanged over the years, aContinue reading “January (Late) Friday Rewind – HART Route 19”

Friday Rewind – The HART fixed-route neighborhood connector

It’s been several months since my last Friday Rewind post, and during the period of time that I didn’t post anything, I decided to start looking at either revising the scope of what I would cover in the series, or scrap the series altogether. During this time, I was able to gain some inspiration from Zac ZieglerContinue reading “Friday Rewind – The HART fixed-route neighborhood connector”

November (early) Friday Rewind – Looking back at HART MetroRapid’s first few months of service

Happy Wednesday everyone! Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I will not be publishing any blog posts on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Additionally, there will be no social media activities on Thursday, and such activity will be limited through the weekend. And because I’m treading lightly this holiday weekend, I’ve decided to publish this month’sContinue reading “November (early) Friday Rewind – Looking back at HART MetroRapid’s first few months of service”

June Friday Rewind – My very first blog post

This edition of Friday Rewind should have been posted back in April, 2013, but I had to postpone everything for about two weeks in late April due to unforeseen circumstances. With things getting back on track in May, I thought I would go ahead and reserve June’s installment for talking about my blog’s fifth anniversary!

May Friday Rewind – HART MetroRapid

In this edition of Friday Rewind, I’ll be taking a look back at some of my past postings regarding HART MetroRapid. And the timing of this post could not be anymore perfect, as the new service just launched earlier this week! Notice the new Friday Rewind logo? This is the logo that I’ll be using for quite aContinue reading “May Friday Rewind – HART MetroRapid”

March Friday Rewind – PSTA’s Hybrid Buses

I know that I didn’t post a Friday Rewind for February, for I was occupied with designing other posts. However, I do have a segment for March, which will reflect on a post I made back on December 10, 2008. On this day, I blogged about the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) receiving a fleet ofContinue reading “March Friday Rewind – PSTA’s Hybrid Buses”

July Friday Rewind – Hurricane Season 2012 is in full swing

For this edition of Friday Rewind (which I happened to publish late); I take a look back at my posting regarding the 2012 Hurricane Season. Now why did I choose this post to reflect on? Because I feel that I did not put enough emphasis on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and how it is impactedContinue reading “July Friday Rewind – Hurricane Season 2012 is in full swing”