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Friday Rewind – The HART fixed-route neighborhood connector

It’s been several months since my last Friday Rewind post, and during the period of time that I didn’t post anything, I decided to start looking at either revising the scope of what I would cover in the series, or scrap the series altogether. During… Continue Reading “Friday Rewind – The HART fixed-route neighborhood connector”

HART gears up for FLEX expansion

Hi everyone, I would like to devote this posting to HARTflex. I know I have mentioned HARTflex in several previous posts, but this post is specifically dedicated to the upcoming expansion of the service. Believe it or not, HARTflex, which currently operates in SouthShore… Continue Reading “HART gears up for FLEX expansion”

HART service change proposals for 2008 – first revision

HART has recently revised its proposals for service adjustments for next year, based on public input. Because South Tampa services matter the most to me, I will first highlight those changes. According to the HART website, changes/eliminations to Route 89 are no longer being… Continue Reading “HART service change proposals for 2008 – first revision”