HART gears up for FLEX expansion

Hi everyone, I would like to devote this posting to HARTflex. I know I have mentioned HARTflex in several previous posts, but this post is specifically dedicated to the upcoming expansion of the service.

Believe it or not, HARTflex, which currently operates in SouthShore and Brandon, has become a popular service for many patrons. The service allows a fleet of minibuses to navigate through designated zones and take patrons from their homes to various destinations within the zone. Whether you’re going to school, work, doctor visits, park/recreation centers, or even to the mall, HARTflex helps you get from A to B more easily than ever!

Beginning on July 10, 2011, HARTflex service will expand to Northdale, between St. Joseph’s Hospital North and Fletcher Ave, along Dale Mabry Hwy. Service will operate Monday through Friday from 5am until roughly 8:45pm and Saturdays from 6:45am until 6:30pm. There is no Sunday or Holiday service.

Also joining in on HARTflex are the Town-N-Country and South Tampa areas. For years, we’ve seen very low ridership on Connector Routes 88 and 89, which serve Town-N-Country and South Tampa respectively. The replacement of these routes with HARTflex service will improve efficiency and save money in the long run, according to HART officials. Below are the operating hours for these two new flex zones.

*Town-N-Country: 5:15am through 7pm, Monday through Friday
*South Tampa: 6am through 8:30pm, Monday through Friday

Neither route has weekend/holiday service.

To learn more about HARTflex, click here.

Please let me know what you think!

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