SouthShore Transit Circulator Study

Currently the most under served area in the HART system, the SouthShore may be seeing some new transit options in the future. The SouthShore Transit Circulator Study, which began back on November 19, is looking for ways to improve the mobility of residents in the area, as well as improve access to key employment centers suchContinue reading “SouthShore Transit Circulator Study”

New bus route & transit center coming to Citrus County

It is not common right now for me to report on a transit happening in our northern counties (Pasco, Hernando, or Citrus). However, there was a story on Bay News 9 today that prompted me to make this post. Now despite the three counties mentioned above being much more rural than Hillsborough and Pinellas counties,Continue reading “New bus route & transit center coming to Citrus County”

Fall service changes for HART

Currently in Hillsborough County, the big transit news is HART’s proposed service revisions for Fall, 2012. Now, HART usually makes 3 service revisions per year: March, July, and November. November however seems to be when the most significant revisions are proposed, including any changes to the fare structure. The last time HART had to increaseContinue reading “Fall service changes for HART”

PSTA’s Flex Service Plan Gains Steam

Following on HART’s success of utilizing flex bus routes, PSTA will be hosting three public workshops to gain public input on three proposed northern Pinellas flex bus routes. For those of you who may not be familiar with flex bus service; routes operate within a “zone” usually comprising of a cluster of neighborhoods. A fleetContinue reading “PSTA’s Flex Service Plan Gains Steam”

HART gears up for FLEX expansion

Hi everyone, I would like to devote this posting to HARTflex. I know I have mentioned HARTflex in several previous posts, but this post is specifically dedicated to the upcoming expansion of the service. Believe it or not, HARTflex, which currently operates in SouthShore and Brandon, has become a popular service for many patrons. TheContinue reading “HART gears up for FLEX expansion”

HARTflex to begin April 12!

Photo by HART HARTflex is almost here at last! After three years of delay, HARTflex will finally be rolling out in SouthShore and Brandon on April 12. How does it work? Patrons in SouthShore and Brandon, the first two areas to recieve service, can call a special reservation line (to be announced) and place aContinue reading “HARTflex to begin April 12!”

HARTflex to begin in April

After three years of delays, HARTflex is finally set to begin service in April! This will mark the begining of reservation-based, flex-route minibus service in the Tampa Bay Area. How does it work? Patrons in SouthShore and Brandon, the first two areas to recieve service, can call a special reservation line (to be announced) andContinue reading “HARTflex to begin in April”