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You may have noticed during the past few days that there is now a link to my new Facebook Page here on the blog. Though I am already used to using the new Timeline format for my personal account; I am still trying to get the hang of things on my new page. I ask for your patience and understanding while I continue to build my new Facebook page during the next few months. You may visit the new page by clicking the link below, or by selecting the Facebook “F” at the upper-right hand corner of the page.

Now, some of you reading this post may have been followers on my old “Tampa Bay Transit” Facebook Page; which was deactivated when the new Timeline format was rolled out to all Facebook Pages. Unfortunately; because I had no knowledge that the page would be deactivated due to the changes, I will not be bringing back the old page. I find that it will be a pointless hassle to do so because it would later be closed anyways. Instead, I will file selected posts from the old page into the new page based on when the original post was published. I do realize that with my old page gone from public view; that I will eventually lose the nearly 70 followers that I had. Although I will not lose sleep over this, it does mean that I will have to start from scratch. But then again; starting from scratch isn’t so bad after all.

For those of you who have been following my activity for a while; you may be asking why the change? The reason for the “fresh start” is the same reason why I have my new blog; I want to be able to share my interest in public transit as a whole, and that is what my new blog does…it goes beyond my public transit fan sites. In fact; the old page was focused on Tampa Bay Transit by HARTride 2012 only.

As always; I invite you to spread the word about my blog and fan sites in which ever way you can. In the future; I may try to use different apps on my Facebook Page to make things more engaging.

Warmest Regards;

HARTride 2012

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