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Transit Tourism – Norfolk, Virginia – Part 1

Greetings everyone! I recently took a vacation that included a weekend trip to the Hampton Roads, Virginia area to do some sightseeing and visit family in the area. During my stay there, I was able to utilize the transit system in downtown Norfolk, including… Continue Reading “Transit Tourism – Norfolk, Virginia – Part 1”

Memorial Day Holiday Transit Schedules

Memorial Day will be on May 27, 2013, and as with many holidays, transit services will be limited. Please see the listing below to see what level of service that each transit district will operate. Normal Weekday-Level Service: TECOline Streetcar Line Saturday-Level Service: Hampton… Continue Reading “Memorial Day Holiday Transit Schedules”

Trying to get back on track…

I do apologize for the lengthy period of silence. When life starts throwing curveballs at you, you must try to find ways to hit those balls in the right direction (before they slam you in the face and knock you down). During this hiatus,… Continue Reading “Trying to get back on track…”

Transit Roundup for the week of April 1, 2013

There’s been quite a lot going on this week in respects to public transit. Rather than creating 6 or 7 different posts, I’ve decided to list everything in one single post. Each tidbit of transit news is grouped by geographical region (or Focus Area)… Continue Reading “Transit Roundup for the week of April 1, 2013”

Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 3

In my third installment of my fantasy subway for the Hampton Roads, VA area, I focus on Line 3. Line 3 connects the two busy military hubs of Naval Station Norfolk and Naval Air Station Oceana via the Lynnhaven area and Norfolk International Airport.… Continue Reading “Fantasy Metro/Subway for Norfolk, VA – Part 3”

Merry Christmas & the Year-End Transit Roundup!

Hi everyone! I know that I’ve been lagging behind on posting as of late. I’ve been trying to get into a regular schedule, but November and December have been much busier than I thought. Holiday event planning is definitely no easy task, and I’ve… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas & the Year-End Transit Roundup!”