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April, 2014 Transit Ridership Report

It’s that time again…time to report on transit ridership for the previous month…well, for this post, it will be April’s numbers. May’s numbers are just beginning to be released internally, but won’t be available for public access until the end of June. During the… Continue Reading “April, 2014 Transit Ridership Report”

Memorial Day 2014 Holiday Transit Schedules

Memorial Day will be on May 26, 2014, and as with many holidays, transit services will be limited. Please see the listing below to see what level of service that each transit district will operate.

March, 2014 Transit Ridership Report

Your first reaction to this post may very well be…”You’re late”. However, I am late in posting the March, 2014 transit ridership report for a good reason; Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) did not publish blog posts… Continue Reading “March, 2014 Transit Ridership Report”

Virginia Beach Light Rail agreement reached

In a turn of events that spanned the course of the last month, it appears that the city of Virginia Beach has signed onto what is merely a consolation prize, not necessarily ending the battle to get the Oceanfront connected to light rail.

Summer 2014 Transit News You Can Use

Summer is just around the corner! Which means if you live along the coast, it’s time to prep those beach supplies! In Virginia Beach and Tampa Bay, you can easily take public transit to the beach and relax! Want to let the kids hang out… Continue Reading “Summer 2014 Transit News You Can Use”

Say What? The City of Norfolk is defunding HRT Route 16?

Almost a year ago, Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) announced that they would revise the Route 17 (formerly known as the Norfolk NET) into a one-way loop around the downtown Norfolk area. This change coincided with the move of the downtown bus transfer hub from… Continue Reading “Say What? The City of Norfolk is defunding HRT Route 16?”

February, 2014 Ridership Report

The numbers are out once again! And the month of February brought forth strong transit ridership along Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), and Hampton Roads Transit (HRT). Let’s take a quick glance at the numbers! For the report,… Continue Reading “February, 2014 Ridership Report”

Don’t sit around and do nothing! TAKE ACTION ON BETTER TRANSIT!

In recent months, we’ve seen the efforts of Greenlight Pinellas bringing forth more and more supporters who want better transit for Pinellas County. However, we’re also seeing that other municipalities have been reluctant to move forward with transit expansion plans, fearing that past attempts may… Continue Reading “Don’t sit around and do nothing! TAKE ACTION ON BETTER TRANSIT!”

HRT departs from daily ridership reporting

For quite a while now, Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) has been able to post ridership numbers on its bus system, as well as its light rail (LRT) and ferry lines, on a near-daily basis. Numbers would be posted on the agency’s website homepage for… Continue Reading “HRT departs from daily ridership reporting”

February 2014 Update on HRT’s LRT Extension Studies

It’s been a while since I wrote about two ongoing studies to extend Norfolk, VA’s light rail line. Much has progressed during the past few months on both studies, but a long road still lies before Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) in terms of finalizing… Continue Reading “February 2014 Update on HRT’s LRT Extension Studies”