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Monorail, why isn’t there more systems in the US?

One mode of public transportation that has always fascinated me is the monorail. Unlike conventional urban trains, like subways, monorails comprise of a one-beam track system and can either be built like something shown in the photo above, or as a suspended model, where… Continue Reading “Monorail, why isn’t there more systems in the US?”

Tampa Dreams of SunRail

Metro Orlando is very grateful to have SunRail! Because here in Tampa Bay, it’s hard to build a better transportation network without a meaningful passenger rail system. In collaboration with the SunRail Riders group – which advocates for better service on the SunRail Commuter Rail system… Continue Reading “Tampa Dreams of SunRail”

Railway Safety Campaign Videos from the New York City MTA

Some of you may recall my blog post about not beating a train at a crossing several months ago and why you should never ever attempt to risk your life for the sake of “saving a few extra minutes”. Well recently, the New York… Continue Reading “Railway Safety Campaign Videos from the New York City MTA”

Paris Metro Line 11 Extension Project (Phase I) Begins

As the month of June begins, several major expansion projects are taking place throughout the city of Paris. One of which is the first of two phases to extend the Line 11 subway eastward, and then southeastward. Phase I, which officially broke ground this… Continue Reading “Paris Metro Line 11 Extension Project (Phase I) Begins”


UPDATE: Normal streetcar services will run on Monday. Due to a power substation outage, the TECOline Streetcar is running services between the Whiting Street station in downtown Tampa and the Port Authority station in Channelside only. All services north of the Port Authority station have… Continue Reading “SERVICE INTERRUPTION – TECOline Streetcar”

BIG NIGHT TONIGHT in Virginia Beach

It all comes down to this… Tonight, the Virginia Beach City Council is expected to select the “Locally Preferred Alternative” (or LPA) for the Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study. The council is also slated to ratify next year’s city budget at tonight’s meeting, which… Continue Reading “BIG NIGHT TONIGHT in Virginia Beach”

Happy 1st Year Anniversary SunRail!

Today is a HUGE DAY in Orlando. Today marks the first anniversary of the SunRail Commuter Rail line that stretches between DeBary and southern Orlando (Sand Lake Rd). Since the line’s opening, we’ve seen many positive and negative developments, as well as a good… Continue Reading “Happy 1st Year Anniversary SunRail!”

FRIDAY REWIND – 2013 visit to Norfolk, VA

Two years ago this month, I took a trip to Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA to visit relatives and to embark on my first ride along a light rail line. In this Friday Rewind post, I will reflect back on my experience in Hampton Roads and… Continue Reading “FRIDAY REWIND – 2013 visit to Norfolk, VA”

It’s crunch time for Virginia Beach light rail

Over the past several months, I’ve been blogging about the Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study and the developments, updates, and yes…even monkey wrenches that have been thrown into the process. Now, things are coming down to the wire as the Virginia Beach City Council… Continue Reading “It’s crunch time for Virginia Beach light rail”

Go Hillsborough – Part 1 – An Overview

Let the discussion begin You’ve likely been hearing about it over the past few months, but now the official public outreach process has begun in Hillsborough County. What is this outreach process about exactly? It’s about building a better transportation network throughout the county.… Continue Reading “Go Hillsborough – Part 1 – An Overview”