Go Hillsborough – Part 2 – Overcoming Challenges

Blogger’s Note: I originally intended to publish this post right after the first round of Go Hillsborough workshops. However, due to several problems, including my computer crashing in February, I had to basically start all over with writing this post.  Observations from the first round of workshops  On March 2, 2015, I had an opportunityContinue reading “Go Hillsborough – Part 2 – Overcoming Challenges”

Go Hillsborough – Part 1 – An Overview

Let the discussion begin You’ve likely been hearing about it over the past few months, but now the official public outreach process has begun in Hillsborough County. What is this outreach process about exactly? It’s about building a better transportation network throughout the county. Because let’s face it, we’re at a pivotal crossroads right now,Continue reading “Go Hillsborough – Part 1 – An Overview”