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NY MTA (L) Shutdown – What’s Next?

For the past several months, many New Yorkers have been bracing for a full shutdown of the (L) line in Manhattan, as the East River tubes are in desperate need of repairs following SuperStorm Sandy in 2012. While the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was… Continue Reading “NY MTA (L) Shutdown – What’s Next?”

Transit Tourism – New York City Transit Excursion 2017 – Part 5

In Episode 5 of my Transit Tourism series documenting my recent trip to New York City, I will be discussing my first journey aboard the (1) and (W.) subway lines though Manhattan. Note: When I type in the W in parenthesis to indicate the (W).… Continue Reading “Transit Tourism – New York City Transit Excursion 2017 – Part 5”

Photo of the Month – September, 2017

Showcasing another photo from my recent (May, 2017) trip to New York City this month, I want to delve a bit into the New York MTA’s Select Bus Service. Select Bus Service (or SBS) is considered a premium transit service and operates similarly to… Continue Reading “Photo of the Month – September, 2017”

Farewell to the Loops! “Newer” South Ferry Station Reopens!

Over the weekend, I began hearing some speculation that the New York City MTA was going to reopen the “newer” South Ferry subway station on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. If such an opening were to materialize, it would mean that the “newer” station would… Continue Reading “Farewell to the Loops! “Newer” South Ferry Station Reopens!”

Railway Safety Campaign Videos from the New York City MTA

Some of you may recall my blog post about not beating a train at a crossing several months ago and why you should never ever attempt to risk your life for the sake of “saving a few extra minutes”. Well recently, the New York… Continue Reading “Railway Safety Campaign Videos from the New York City MTA”