Farewell to the Loops! “Newer” South Ferry Station Reopens!

Over the weekend, I began hearing some speculation that the New York City MTA was going to reopen the “newer” South Ferry subway station on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. If such an opening were to materialize, it would mean that the “newer” station would be open by the July 4th holiday, and would also solidifyContinue reading “Farewell to the Loops! “Newer” South Ferry Station Reopens!”

NYC Subway W-Train makes a comeback on 11/7/16

It’s a long time coming for the New York City Subway – the return of “W” service to Manhattan and Queens! Back in 2009, during the height of the recession – many transit agencies were forced to cut back service in order to trim down their budgets. This came at a time when transit ridershipContinue reading “NYC Subway W-Train makes a comeback on 11/7/16”