Railway Safety Campaign Videos from the New York City MTA

Some of you may recall my blog post about not beating a train at a crossing several months ago and why you should never ever attempt to risk your life for the sake of “saving a few extra minutes”. Well recently, the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (or MTA) has been putting out a railway safety campaign along its commuter rail system to inform people on the dangers of doing certain things along its tracks.

Here are three videos that the MTA published during the month of June.

Don’t beat the train at its crossing. NEVER attempt to drive around lowered crossing gates.

Pedestrians should not do the same. ALWAYS wait for the train to pass and the crossing gates to raise before continuing your walk.

Trespassing is ALWAYS illegal. NEVER walk along or on railway tracks, they are considered private property and can bring forth DEADLY results.

Be safe out there!

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