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Revised Grand Paris Express plan unveils a possible Phase 2 extension for Metro Line 11

Greetings everyone! I have some late-breaking news regarding Line 11 of the Paris Metro! A couple weeks ago, I mentioned about the upcoming project to extend Line 11 from its current terminus at station Mairie des Lillias to Rosny Bois-Perrier. Now, there is word of… Continue Reading “Revised Grand Paris Express plan unveils a possible Phase 2 extension for Metro Line 11”

Some MI 84 commuter rail stock trains to be re-assigned…

I heard from the Symbioz forums a few days ago that the STIF is proposing to re-deploy twenty trainsets of the MI 84, the commuter rail rolling stock that is gradually being phased out from the RER Line A. This latest development appeared in a… Continue Reading “Some MI 84 commuter rail stock trains to be re-assigned…”

Paris RER E Extension Approved

Happy February everyone! For those of you who reside in Paris, I have some wonderful news to report! The planned extension of the commuter rail line E has been approved, making way for a possible start of construction date in 2014! Note: I’ve obtained some… Continue Reading “Paris RER E Extension Approved”

PSTA moves forward with transit referendum plans

Great news to everyone residing in the Tampa Bay area (particularly Pinellas County)! The PSTA board decided unanimously to move forward with plans to place a penny sales tax increase to help fund transit improvements. The current plan is to have the question on… Continue Reading “PSTA moves forward with transit referendum plans”

Tampa Bay Fantasy Rail System – Part 1

Hi everyone, As I mentioned earlier this month, I will be posting some things about a fantasy rail system that I started working on for the Tampa area during the course of 2010. At the time that I began working on this fantasy system,… Continue Reading “Tampa Bay Fantasy Rail System – Part 1”

Will we ever see any type of rail in the interstate medians?

As the title reads, this is a question that I ask myself from time to time. If you reside in the Tampa area, then you likely already know what exactly I am referring to. I am speaking of the wide open median that encompasses… Continue Reading “Will we ever see any type of rail in the interstate medians?”

Merry Christmas & the Year-End Transit Roundup!

Hi everyone! I know that I’ve been lagging behind on posting as of late. I’ve been trying to get into a regular schedule, but November and December have been much busier than I thought. Holiday event planning is definitely no easy task, and I’ve… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas & the Year-End Transit Roundup!”

Judgement Day for SunRail approaches

Greetings everyone, I sincerely apologize for the lack of activity here. Things have been very crazy in recent months and have not had the chance to really plan out my next few postings. In fact, much of what I had planned quickly had to… Continue Reading “Judgement Day for SunRail approaches”

SunRail is gone for now…

This article pretty much sums it up. However, it is indeed a major blow to Central Florida Public Transit.,0,3858821.story So with SunRail gone, and TriRail still in limbo, I wonder if Tampa’s LRT could be next to be hit with a series of… Continue Reading “SunRail is gone for now…”

Orlando’s SunRail pretty much at a standstill…

If you haven’t heard all the controversy surrounding Orlando’s commuter rail system, SunRail, then you’re in for some good news and some very (devastating) bad news. First, an overview. Planning for SunRail started many years ago, but previous attempts to get it through the… Continue Reading “Orlando’s SunRail pretty much at a standstill…”