Revised Grand Paris Express plan unveils a possible Phase 2 extension for Metro Line 11

Greetings everyone!

I have some late-breaking news regarding Line 11 of the Paris Metro!

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned about the upcoming project to extend Line 11 from its current terminus at station Mairie des Lillias to Rosny Bois-Perrier. Now, there is word of a 2nd phase extension that would run from Rosny Bois-Perrier to Noisy-Champs, where it will connect to the RER Line A and be partially integrated into the proposed Grand Paris Express system.

The Grand Paris Express:

Originally envisioned as project Orbital in the early 1990s, the Grand Paris Express is aimed at expanding the Paris Metro system to suburban areas that currently are without subway service, while maximizing efficiency and commute times throughout the entire system. The system will include a semi-circular loop around the city of Paris, as well as several spur lines. The current Line 14 will eventually be immersed into the system as well.

Plans for such an extensive system have been revised several times throughout the year, with the most recent plan calling for each line to be color coded (i.e. the Blue Line would have incorporated Line 14). However, this component has been dropped and the routes have been altered to help reduce costs and maximize efficiency – two key points that are extremely important in this post-2008 financial crisis world. Instead, all of the new lines will expand on the RATP’s numbering convention, starting at Line 15 and continuing through Line 18. Construction of the new system is poised to begin in 2014 with the simultaneous extensions of Line 14 and at least partially complete by 2030.

Orange goes to the Line 11:

Well, at least part of what would have been the Orange Line is now incorporated as a second phase extension of Line 11 that would travel east, then slightly southeast from Rosny Bois-Perrier to Noisy Champs, where it would connect to the RER Line A. This particular segment is planned to run as a fully automated system, although reports currently do no mention anything about the rest of the line becoming fully automated. As I had mentioned earlier, the STIF has intentions to make Line 11 fully automated, but not with the Rosny extension. Perhaps when phase 2 to Noisy Champs is complete, the entire Line 11 will be converted to fully automatic operation.

It’s just too early to tell:

With the state of the world economy still rocky, it is possible that the Grand Paris Express could see another revision in a year or two…maybe less. Right now, it’s just too early to tell what will happen.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

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