Revised Grand Paris Express plan unveils a possible Phase 2 extension for Metro Line 11

Greetings everyone!

I have some late-breaking news regarding Line 11 of the Paris Metro!

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned about the upcoming project to extend Line 11 from its current terminus at station Mairie des Lillias to Rosny Bois-Perrier. Now, there is word of a 2nd phase extension that would run from Rosny Bois-Perrier to Noisy-Champs, where it will connect to the RER Line A and be partially integrated into the proposed Grand Paris Express system.

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The sun begins to set on the MF 67-F on Line 5 of the Paris Metro

Greetings everyone,

As the sun begins to set on this wonderful Sunday evening, I would like to take a moment to mention that the rolling stock transition on the Paris Metro Line 5 is nearly complete.

Line 5 has had a couple changes in its rolling stock ever since it opened in 1906, with the very first stock trains being the Sprague-Thomson. The Sprague circulated on Line 5 for many years, initially in 3-car sets but then increasing to 4-car trains as the line expanded. In the 1970s, the MF 67-D and E series trains, comprising of 5 cars, began to appear on Line 5, gradually replacing the aging Sprague trains.

The retirement of the Sprague was practically complete as of 1982, until a flooding event at station Église de Pantin occurred on June 7, 1982, forcing several MF 67 trains out of service and the remaining Sprague trains from Line 9 to be rerouted to Line 5. The Sprague was finally pulled from service permanently on April 16, 1983. During this time, many of the MF 67-D and E series trains were gradually being moved over to other lines in favor of the newer MF 67-F series trains from Line 7.

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