PSTA is Your Ride to Pride

Going to St. Pete Pride on Saturday? Be sure to use PSTA and escape the parking and traffic hassles!


St. Petersburg, Fla. – The largest LGBT Pride parade in Florida kicks off Saturday night in Downtown St. Petersburg, and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) is going to get you there.

PSTA buses will be running frequently along 1st Avenues North and South – parallel to the events – making it easy to leave your car at home or in an outlying parking spot while PSTA chauffeurs you to and from the celebrations.

“Making history” is the theme for the 13th annual St. Pete Pride festival, and PSTA will be making a little history of its own. As part of the celebrations, PSTA staff will ride a full-sized bus covered in lights down Central Avenue as part of the only LGBT nighttime parade.

PSTA has several routes that will be serving the expected 200,000 people in the Grand Central District Saturday night, such as the Central Avenue Trolley…

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Railway Safety Campaign Videos from the New York City MTA

Some of you may recall my blog post about not beating a train at a crossing several months ago and why you should never ever attempt to risk your life for the sake of “saving a few extra minutes”. Well recently, the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (or MTA) has been putting out a railway safety campaign along its commuter rail system to inform people on the dangers of doing certain things along its tracks.

Here are three videos that the MTA published during the month of June.

Don’t beat the train at its crossing. NEVER attempt to drive around lowered crossing gates.

Pedestrians should not do the same. ALWAYS wait for the train to pass and the crossing gates to raise before continuing your walk.

Trespassing is ALWAYS illegal. NEVER walk along or on railway tracks, they are considered private property and can bring forth DEADLY results.

Be safe out there!

Independence Day – July 4, 2015 (United States) Holiday Transit Schedules

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 1

Post Updated On 6/30/15

Saturday, July 4, 2015 is Independence Day here in the United States. Because this federal holiday falls on a Saturday this year, Friday, July 3 will be observed by the Federal government, meaning Federal offices will be closed.

On Friday, July 3, most transit agencies will operate on a normal weekday/Friday schedule. Please check with your respective transit agency to see if they have any special rules on which routes operate, or if they will not be running service at all that day. HART and HRT will both be running Saturday-level service on July 3.

On Saturday, July 4, most transit agencies will operate on a regular Saturday schedule. However, agencies that typically do not run services on Independence Day will not operate. Additionally, some agencies may choose to run Sunday-level service on the 4th instead of Saturday schedules.

Transit Agency Service Status on Independence Day

Please view the listing below to see what schedule your area’s transit district will be operating on Independence Day:

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 2A

Additional Notes:

Some trolleybus routes (Pinellas County) may operate on a schedule other than a Sunday schedule. Please check the transit district’s website for details.

Memorial Day 2015 NY-IL

Additional Notes:

NYCMTA Website

NY/NJ PATH Website

Chicago CTA Website

PACE Website (Chicago area suburban bus services)

Metra Website (Chicago area Commuter Rail services)

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 3

Customer Service Hours

Unless otherwise noted, please see below for Customer Service Center hours and Telephone Customer Service hours:

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 5

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 4

Additional Notes:

Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) are available throughout the following locations for customer convenience.

  • HART (Tampa, FL): All major transit centers.
  • HRT (Norfolk/Hampton, VA): Along the Tide LRT corridor in Norfolk, as well as at HRT transit centers, the High St Ferry station, and at select (summer) locations along the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Normal Transit Service Resumption:

Regular Sunday services will operate on Sunday, July 5, 2015 for agencies that operate transit services on Sunday. Please check with your agency for details.

Regular weekday transit services will resume on Monday, July 6, 2015.


All information in this post have been compiled from the websites and social media channels of the respective transit agencies listed above. Ultimately, the agencies themselves are responsible for the accuracy of information that I’ve gathered. However, if you notice something that I’ve written that doesn’t match what the agency has posted (mistakes do happen, we’re all human), please let me know right away so that I can correct the information. Thank you.

Paris Metro Line 11 Extension Project (Phase I) Begins

M11 Extension Banner

As the month of June begins, several major expansion projects are taking place throughout the city of Paris. One of which is the first of two phases to extend the Line 11 subway eastward, and then southeastward. Phase I, which officially broke ground this week, will extend the 11 by six stations to Rosny-Bois Perrier. In addition to this extension, a new maintenance depot will be built near the new terminus, and several existing stations will receive accessibility upgrades such as elevators. Eventually, some (if not all) of the existing stations will have their platforms lengthened to be able to accommodate longer trains. Currently, the Line 11 platforms can only accommodate trains up to five cars, but due to a space limitation at the current Victoria Depot, only four car trains run on the line at this time. The goal is to eventually have eight to ten car trains running by the time Phase II is completed, which will extend Line 11 further by four stations to Noisy-Champs. Phase II of the extension is part of the widely ambitious Grand Paris Express project, which will also extend Line 14 in both directions, and result in the construction of four new subway lines. Currently, the opening timetable for Phase II is sometime between 2025 and 2028.


Below is a listing of both proposed and current stations along the Line 11 Subway, along with their opening dates (expected opening timeframes for the proposed stations).

Going from West to East

Châtelet – 1935

(Victoria Maintenance Depot) – 1935

Hôtel de Ville – 1935

Rambuteau – 1935

Arts et Métiers – 1935

République – 1935

Goncourt – 1935

Belleville – 1935

Pyrénées – 1935

Jourdain – 1935

Place des Fêtes – 1935

Télégraphe – 1935

Porte des Lilas – 1935

Mairie des Lilas – 1937

Liberté Les Lilas – Serge Gainsbourg – (2020)

Place Carnot – (2020)

Montreuil – Hôpital Nord – (2020)

Boissière – La Dhuys – (2020)

Londeau-Domus/Parc des Guillaumes – (2020)

Rosny-Bois Perrier (2020)

(Rosny Maintenance Depot – 2020 – Will replace the Victoria Depot)

Villemomble – (2025)

Neuilly – Les Fauvettes – (2025)

Neuilly – Hôpitaux (2025)

Noisy – Champs (2025)

Rolling Stock

The current fleet of MP 1959 railcars will be phased out in favor of next generation MP 2014 railcars at a cost of about €150m. It is assumed that the new railcars – composed of five cars per train – will start out as being manually driven (meaning that the train is controlled by a human conductor), but will likely have the capabilities to be converted to fully automated operation once the entire line becomes automated – which will correspond with the Phase II extension to Noisy – Champs. Additionally, more cars could be added to each train if capacity warrants as so.

Website Updates – May/June 2015

During the past couple of weeks; I decided to make some updates to several web pages to give them a new, uniform look, as well as to keep information current. I also added a few new photos to the HART current buses page, and made updates to the About section – including an update to the Legal Stuff section that includes updates to the General Website Policies and a new Privacy Policy.

Pages have a new look

While going through the website, you may have noticed that some pages look plain, while others are full of photos and graphics. Some pages had section headers that I tried to implement last year, whereas others had newer headers. I decided to go in and replace the section headers on some of the pages, as well as add graphical menu links on the home page and some of the Transports pages. Going forward, visitors will see at least one of the following on each web page.


LED style section and sub-section headers using an LED style font.

VB Wave Status Full

Larger LED style graphic showing transit service statuses.

HART Transit Vehicle Fleet Banner 3

Graphical section headers and menu link banners.


Website headers (these show up above the main navigation bar).

New content

Also over the past couple of weeks, I added a few new photos to the HART current bus fleet page and rewrote several HART info pages; including the main/overview/fares page, the bus fleet page, and HART Flex.

#1511 makes its turn towards the Marion Transit Center. Photo Credit: HARTride 2012.
This is one of several new HART bus photos on my HART bus fleet page. Photo Credit: HARTride 2012.

I am also preparing to complete the PSTA section in the coming months with new photos and detailed content.

New Logo

By now, you’ve probably have noticed the new logo for the site. If this is your first time visiting, past website logos can be found on my Website and Blog History Page.

Updated Legal Terms

It is very important for me to periodically update the Legalese of my website, as new legal and privacy issues arise from time to time. In fact, until now, I never had a Privacy Policy posted to my website – which was very unfortunate because I do take online privacy very seriously. In addition to the creation of a Privacy Policy, I’ve also made some clarifications to my General Website Policies, and some minor updates to my Photo Use Policy.

There’s even more to come!

In addition to completing the PSTA section, the MCAT and SCAT sections will be completed by the winter, along with the Belgium Transports section and the start of the Asia Transports section.

Hurricane Season 2015 has officially begun


It’s that time again…June 1…the official start of Hurricane Season.

While it is predicted to be a quiet season this year, that does not mean a major storm could strike the US coastline…especially Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay region has not been hit with a major hurricane since the 2004 season, when Hurricane Charley – a category 4 storm – nearly missed Tampa head-on and jogged northeastward into Charlotte County, and then towards Orlando. Had the storm remained out along the coast for just a bit longer and struck Tampa, the storm possibly could have reached category 5 status and cause immense damage to all of Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. A year later, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina – a category 5 storm – struck the New Orleans region, sending floodwaters into the coastal city and devastating the region for months. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy – a category 3 storm – ravaged the New York City metro region, flooding the city’s subways and ripping apart parts of coastal New Jersey. Katrina and Sandy were to two costliest Atlantic hurricanes in US history.

Many weather experts predict that it will only be a matter of time before Tampa gets hit head-on with a major hurricane of category 4 or 5 status.

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