Website Updates – May/June 2015

During the past couple of weeks; I decided to make some updates to several web pages to give them a new, uniform look, as well as to keep information current. I also added a few new photos to the HART current buses page, and made updates to the About section – including an update to the Legal Stuff section that includes updates to the General Website Policies and a new Privacy Policy.

Pages have a new look

While going through the website, you may have noticed that some pages look plain, while others are full of photos and graphics. Some pages had section headers that I tried to implement last year, whereas others had newer headers. I decided to go in and replace the section headers on some of the pages, as well as add graphical menu links on the home page and some of the Transports pages. Going forward, visitors will see at least one of the following on each web page.


LED style section and sub-section headers using an LED style font.

VB Wave Status Full

Larger LED style graphic showing transit service statuses.

HART Transit Vehicle Fleet Banner 3

Graphical section headers and menu link banners.


Website headers (these show up above the main navigation bar).

New content

Also over the past couple of weeks, I added a few new photos to the HART current bus fleet page and rewrote several HART info pages; including the main/overview/fares page, the bus fleet page, and HART Flex.

#1511 makes its turn towards the Marion Transit Center. Photo Credit: HARTride 2012.
This is one of several new HART bus photos on my HART bus fleet page. Photo Credit: HARTride 2012.

I am also preparing to complete the PSTA section in the coming months with new photos and detailed content.

New Logo

By now, you’ve probably have noticed the new logo for the site. If this is your first time visiting, past website logos can be found on my Website and Blog History Page.

Updated Legal Terms

It is very important for me to periodically update the Legalese of my website, as new legal and privacy issues arise from time to time. In fact, until now, I never had a Privacy Policy posted to my website – which was very unfortunate because I do take online privacy very seriously. In addition to the creation of a Privacy Policy, I’ve also made some clarifications to my General Website Policies, and some minor updates to my Photo Use Policy.

There’s even more to come!

In addition to completing the PSTA section, the MCAT and SCAT sections will be completed by the winter, along with the Belgium Transports section and the start of the Asia Transports section.

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