Category: Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART)

HART Route 89…minibus? You’ve got to be kidding me?

A few days ago, I noticed that HART’s route 89 connector was utilizing a minibus such as this. I thought at first, is this a joke? No, it seems to be a permanent change for the route. Why? Gas prices? Perhaps, why would HART… Continue Reading “HART Route 89…minibus? You’ve got to be kidding me?”

HART makes strides to create a better commute

If you haven’t rode in a HART bus lately, then you’ll notice some significant changes. First off, you’ll notice that all the busses are equipped with audio and video surveillence. In this way, your overall safety on the bus has been increased (and those… Continue Reading “HART makes strides to create a better commute”

Light Rail…desperately needed

One of the main proposals for the future of west central Florida’s mass transit system is light rail. Though many incarnations have been brought up in the past. They’ve all been shot down due to financial overruns and government bickering. I would like to… Continue Reading “Light Rail…desperately needed”