USF Bull Runner

Post Updated on 10/14/15 Bull Runner website link has been updated, a link to the current Bull Runner system map has been added, and the bus fleet paragraph has been updated to include the 30-foot Gillig Low Floor buses. Today’s post could not come at a perfect time, as I am preparing to graduate fromContinue reading “USF Bull Runner”

Detour – HART Routes 12 & 45, USF Bull Runner Route D

HART bus routes 12 & 45, AND USF Bull Runner route D are on detour until November 18, 2010 due to road work on 22nd St between 131st Ave & University Square Drive. STOPS ALONG 22ND ST BETWEEN 131ST AVE AND UNIVERSITY SQ SR ARE NOT BEING SERVED! Here’s where the buses are being detoured:Continue reading “Detour – HART Routes 12 & 45, USF Bull Runner Route D”