New WordPress Features (Test Post)

Just testing some new things…

While creating my last couple of blog posts, I noticed that WordPress rolled out a few new editing blocks for me to insert. I’ve created this testing post so that I could try them out & see how I can incorporate some of these new features into future blog posts & page updates.


Not sure what these are, but let’s find out…

Okay, so the first CoBlock I inserted is one with a few buttons. You’re limited to four buttons per block, but it’s not necessarily bad. I’ve been able to modify the above setting so that there is adequate spacing between rows, otherwise, the layout looks very awkward.

The links that are connected to each button actually do work – they link to the respective pages on my Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority subsection. Since this new feature is available, I am considering replacing many of my graphical “buttons” with these.

After further research…

…via a Google search, I found the page that explains it all!

Let’s check out some other things that I haven’t used

It’s honestly been a while since I’ve scrolled through all of the editing blocks that are available in the newer WordPress editing interface, & I’ve noticed a few that I previously did not see. Let’s check those blocks out now.

Videos with a caption sidebar. Nice!

The above block allows me to insert a photo or video & then do a quick write-up on the side – such by which would be longer in length than a normal underneath caption.


Tables. You will see one used from time to time.

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Recent blog post listing. Perfect for my next homepage update!

Columns feature, so I can format a post similar to a newsletter.

There are multiple column options available as well, so that you can really customize the look & feel of your post or page. I think it’s pretty cool!

This feature alone gives me a lot of ideas for future posts. I’ve also been looking for ways to do a periodic “newsletter” format post.

I’ve tried a couple of different avenues for this “newsletter” & wound up dramatically failing at it.

As I continue to test out new features, I will eventually decide whether to incorporate them in future posts or page updates.

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