PSTA Fall 2015 Service Changes


It’s that time of year again, time for the fall transit schedule markup! PSTA normally enacts its fall service changes towards the start of the new Fiscal Year in October. This year’s changes will involve routing changes in around the Tyrone Square Mall area for Routes 18, 20, 23, 38, 62, 68, 73, 75, and 79. Timepoint changes are being made to the Central Ave Trolley (CAT) in order to reflect specific changes made to landmarks in the downtown St. Pete area. The CAT will also see it’s $2.00 fare zone increase to $2.25 in tandem with the upcoming fare changes (which will be discussed in tomorrow’s blog post).

The biggest changes of this markup cycle however are the elimination of the East Lake Flex Connector, as well as Routes 1 and 30. All three routes have suffered from low ridership and PSTA can utilize the cost savings of running these routes to better focus on routes that remain crucial to its network. Routes 1 and 30  will be replaced by a shorter Route 22, which will run along 22nd Ave N. The segment of Route 1 that is not seeing a replacement, which runs along 1st St N, is within walking distance of the more frequent Route 4.

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