HART December, 2014 Service Changes

Fall 2014 HART Markup 2

Updated on 12/4/14: Route 21LX schedule is now available.

It’s that time again, service changes…

This fall, HART arrived a bit later than normal due to…from my understanding…a bus operator shortage that had to be filled ASAP. Because of this, some major changes, such as the Route 51X revisions, will not occur until March, 2014 or later.

Instead, HART will focus a majority of the changes to tweaking route segments to run more efficiently, including Routes 10, 25LX, and 31. The latter will begin serving the recently opened Amazon Distribution Center.

Another big change will be the replacement of Route 6 Limited by Route 21LX. The number 21 was previously used for an express route between Town-N-Country and downtown Tampa. Though the new service will basically be a carbon copy of its current self, there will be a caveat…AM trips will utilize the I-4/Selmon Connector. I knew it would only be a matter of time before HART used the connector for at least one regular bus route. 🙂



  • HART flyer outlining the following changes.
  • Significant Routing and/or Scheduling Changes:
    • Route 6 Limited >> Route 21LX: Route 6 Limited (LTD) will be replaced with Route 21LX, mirroring the current route, but with AM trips using the I-4/Selmon Connector to maintain timeliness. We all know how badly backed up Malfunction Junction gets, especially in the morning. View map of how Route 21LX will operate in the morning (created by HARTride 2012). View schedule.
    • Route 10: Laurel St segment eliminated east of O’Brien St. Buses will use O’Brien St to complete the Cypress/SSA loop and return to Cypress St.
    • Route 15: Timepoint “F” will be repositioned to Columbus Dr @ DACCO. Currently, this timepoint reads 7th Ave @ 50th St.
    • Route 25LX: All PM trips will serve the Culbreath Park-N-Ride Lot via Springvale Dr.
    • Route 31 & HART Flex South County: Re-alligned to serve the Amazon Distribution Facility.
    • Route 37Midday frequency (9am to 2pm) restored to 30-minute headways. Midday frequency was previously reduced to 60-minute headways due to budget cuts.
  • Minor Timetable Changes (to improve efficiency, especially with interlining routes):

All questions and concerns should be directed to HART.

Disclaimer: Although it may appear that I have used the official HART logo in my graphic above, I simply used Arial font, size 72, for the acronym for the agency that I am describing.

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