Hampton Roads Transit Service Changes for July 7, 2013

7/8/13: These changes are now in effect!

Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) had its summer, 2012 service change (or “mark-up”) cycle take place on July 7, 2013. Most of the changes were associated with the transition of bus transfer operations from the previous Cedar Grove Transfer Center to an interim bus depot closer to the heart downtown Norfolk. Other changes included switching time points and/or adjusting running times on other routes in order to improve efficiency. In this post, which will be my first such post for the Hampton Roads, VA area, I will be going through each routing change and what it will mean for HRT customers.

Downtown Norfolk Interim Transit Center

The Cedar Grove Transfer Center permanently closed on July 7, 2013, and all current bus transfer operations have moved to an interim terminal located along Wood St in downtown Norfolk. This effort is part of a larger scale project to build a permanent, modern bus terminal near the heart of downtown Norfolk, just steps away from the Norfolk Scope Arena, and a few blocks away from the Tide LRT Line.

Local Bus Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20, 44, and 45, as well as MAX Express Routes 960 and 961, will all see routing modifications, time point changes, and possible running time changes in conjunction with the changes associated with the interim terminal. The terminal will be divided into three zones, each with their own assigned bus loading bays. HRT will set up signage throughout the three zones to help customers find the correct route. These zones are listed in the chart below.


(Dark Blue Signs)


(Light Blue Signs)


(Green Signs)

Local Route 2

Local Route 1

Local Route 13

Local Route 4

Local Route 44

Local Route 3

Local Route 17

Local Route 9

MAX Route 960

Local Route 6

Local Route 20

Local Route 11

MAX Route 961

Local Route 8

Local Route 45

Local Route 18

Note: The information in this chart comes directly from the HRT website.

Route 17 – Downtown (NET) Connector

The Route 17 Connector now runs in a one-directional loop around the downtown core, serving the interim terminal. As a result of this change, the Route 17 will no longer serve the Dominion Tower or the Harrison Opera House. Those wishing to catch the bus from the Opera House can still use Routes 2 or 11 to connect to the interim terminal.

Below is a map of the previous and now-current Route 17 configurations:

The new routing is in blue, and previous routing is in grey. Buses will travel in a clockwise pattern.

Route 23: Princess Anne Rd

Route 23 will not be serving the interim terminal and will instead stay along Princess Anne Rd. Those wishing to make connections to the interim terminal can transfer to one of the following routes.

  • Routes 2 & 44 at EVMC/Fort Norfolk LRT Station
  • Routes 2 & 44 at Norfolk General Hospital (Childrens Lane between Olney and Fairfax)
  • Routes 1 & 3 at Monticello Avenue and Princess Anne Road
  • Route 8 at Tidewater Drive and Princess Anne Road
  • Route 11 at Colonial Avenue and Princess Anne Road

Changes to other routes

The following routes were modified to help improve efficiency, whether it be routing and/or time point changes, and/or running time changes:

  • Route 4: Church Street and Route 16: Colley Avenue: HRT changed the layover location for both of these routes from the previous location at Powhatan Avenue and 44th Street to a new location at 49th Street and Quarantine Road (nearside Elkhorn Avenue). Some scheduling changes were also made in order to improve efficiency.
  • Route 15: Military Highway: Scheduling changes were made to improve transfer connections at the Evelyn T. Butts transfer center on weekdays after 7:00 pm.
  • Route 21: Little Creek Road: Scheduling changes were made to improve transfer connections at the Evelyn T. Butts transfer center on weekdays after 7:00 pm.
  • Route 26: Lynnhaven Parkway: Running times were changed to improve efficiency.
  • Route 29: Great Neck Road: Routing and scheduling changes were made along the route to improve efficiency.
    • The portion of the route along Mill Dam Rd, between First Colonial Rd and Great Neck Rd was eliminated. Service in this area will instead run along First Colonial Rd.
    • The 7:24 am trip departing Laskin Road and First Colonial Road traveling to Pleasure House Road and Shore Drive has changed to 7:21 am.
  • Route 36: Holland Road: Running times were changed to improve efficiency.
  • MAX Route 918: Running times were changed to improve efficiency.
  • MAX Route 960: Running times were changed to improve efficiency and to allow for better connections to Route 33 at 19th Street and Pacific Avenue.

Again, all of these changes took effect on July 7, 2013. For additional information regarding these changes, please contact HRT Customer Service at 757-222-6100.

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