The bus stop of the future?

When you think of a bus stop? What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Take a few seconds to think about the question above.

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What did you come up with? Convenience? Shelter from the sun and rain? I guess you can say that there are many answers to this question. There is no one perfect answer though.

Moving on, although many bus stops are somewhat basic, there are a few out there that are specifically designed to be prototypes for the future.

One such example is in Paris, France; where the city’s transit authority (the RATP) has come up with a pretty neat concept for what is envisioned to be the bus stop of the future. When you see the photos, you’ll probably think “WOW”!

I invite you to visit the Sound Landscapes blog to find out more about what this concept bus stop is all about! Perhaps one day, we will see similar type bus stops pop up here in the US.

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