Follow-up to HART Route 39

Hi everyone,

I know that I posted some time ago about proposed changes to HART bus route 39 through Temple Terrace (see this link for the background story). Well, the verdict came in September, 2011, and it was decided that the Temple Heights Blvd was to be eliminated. Although there was some opposition to the plan, it appears that many have accepted that without additional funding, HART cannot provide efficient services to its patrons.

Although we’d like to see the HART system to be much larger than it is, there is simply no funding available to further expand the system. State and Federal funding continues to decrease, along with local funding avenues. Unfortunately, the political climate has also changed to where many of our elected officials will no longer push to fund certain projects unless the impact on taxpayers (that’s you and me) are minimized.

The good news to the many adjustments to HART’s bus routes so far has been increased efficiency and cost savings throughout the existing system. This especially comes at a time where HART is preparing for its first bus rapid transit system, known as MetroRapid. Construction of the system will begin later this year and is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2013 (if not sooner).

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