PSTA Hybrid buses exceed expectations

An ode to PSTA for their new fleet of hybrid buses!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 9:42am EDT Modified: Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 9:43am
PSTA hybrids outperform expectations
Tampa Bay Business Journal

A year after the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority deployed hybrid buses, the vehicles are consistently operating at an average fuel efficiency that is 56 percent better than PSTA’s standard diesel buses.

When the PSTA board considered buying the agency’s first diesel-electric hybrid buses busses in 2008, bus manufacturer Gillig Corp. said to expect a fuel efficiency increase of about 20 percent over standard diesel buses, surpassing expectations, a release said.

PSTA’s 10 hybrid buses get an average of 6.4 miles to the gallon, the release said.
Most of the hybrids are customized as trolley buses and operate along the Suncoast Beach Trolley route from the Park Street Terminal in downtown Clearwater to Pass-A-Grille. The route’s slower speeds and frequent stops have maximized fuel gains from hybrid technology, PSTA said. The hybrids that are exclusive to those routes average 6.77 mpg.

The board approved the purchase of the fuel-efficient technology in hopes of saving money. PSTA was facing budget cuts due to Amendment 1 and falling property tax revenue, which makes up the bulk of its funding, a release said.

“We’re not only doing what’s best for our budget and spending taxpayer dollars wisely, but we’re doing what’s best for the environment,” said Executive Director Tim Garling in the release.Read more: PSTA hybrids outperform expectations – Tampa Bay Business Journal:

April Transit Update

SCAT is showcasing its route change proposals online:

The TECOline Streetcar Extension is moving along quite well. Construction of of the track base and tracks themselves will begin in the coming weeks. For the latest in closures and updates, visit

All of HART’s 10XX buses are on the road. #s 2005 and 2015 have been spotted along lower frequency routes throughout the system.

Due to downtown Tampa road construction, some HART bus routes, and PSTA expresses may be detoured.

13 days before the opening of the Tampa Bay Transit Site!

Earth Day – April 22

Remember when you were a child and every year, your school would take part in Earth Day by planting trees around campus, or spreading the word around your community about recycling? I certainly do. And this year, you can make a huge difference by using and discovering the benefits of public transit.

On April 22, use public transit to get to work, school, or wherever you need to go!

See this link to view a video about how HART is getting onboard…

HARTflex to begin April 12!

Photo by HART

HARTflex is almost here at last! After three years of delay, HARTflex will finally be rolling out in SouthShore and Brandon on April 12.
How does it work?
Patrons in SouthShore and Brandon, the first two areas to recieve service, can call a special reservation line (to be announced) and place a reservation. Minibuses then transfer passengers from their homes to their place of business or other points of interest within the service area. HARTflex buses will follow a designated fixed route, but will be able to deviate up to 3/4 of a mile outside of that desginated route. HARTflex service will also connect to HART Local or Commuter Express bus routes to allow for connectivity outside the designated neighborhood zones.
Hours of Operation
Both areas will be served on Weekdays from 6am until 8pm, with Brandon being served on Saturdays from 7:40am until 5:30pm. There will be no Sunday or Holiday service with either route.
A one-way trip will cost 85 cents, with a day pass costing $1.85


For reservations, please call: 813-449-4555

Click here to view the full article from the HART Website, including maps of both service areas and how you could ride for FREE!