HART service changes to take effect July 26, 4th of July holiday services.

HART service changes for summer 2009 will take place on July 26, 2009. Among the changes to be made:

*Weekday frequency increase on Route 6 (to 20 minutes during peak hours).

*Weekday frequency reduction on Route 7 (to 1 hour all day, affects the segment north of West Tampa Transfer Center).

*OWL service reduction on Route 8 (final weeknight trips will leave at 10pm).

*Weekday frequency reduction on underutilized segment of Route 32 (Mango area).

*Reduction of service on Route 88 to peak hours only.

*And an array of timepoint changes on other routes.


4th of July Holiday Service:

Since Independence Day falls on a Saturday this year, PSTA and HART will operate on a normal weekend schedule. MCAT and SCAT will not operate on Saturday, SCAT will however run Sunday service on July 5. The Longboat Trolley will also operate throughout the weekend.

PSTA unveils new website, hybrid buses

Over the past several months, patrons who use the PSTA system may have noticed a few changes.

First off, the agency has begun rolling out several of its newest buses, which include the beginings of a hybrid bus fleet. These 40 foot Gillig Low Floor buses have a hybrid-electric engine and the sleek BRT style that is similar to hybrid buses already owned by SCAT. This also brings PSTA to be the third public transit agency in Tampa Bay to utilize hybrid-electric drive buses. The others are HART and SCAT. Additional information regarding these new buses can be found here.

The other change is the PSTA website, with its new sleek design and ease of convenience.

Be sure to look out for other developments within the PSTA system, including further developments of the planned BRT system.

HART approves service changes, LRT Update

At the June 1st board meeting, HART approved the proposed service changes (posted earlier) for the course of 2009. Among the changes, Route 87 in Southshore will be converted into a flex route, spawning the HARTflex minibus system that has been planned since 2006. Also, a series of route reductions will go into effect due to lower ridership on these routes, as well as to save HART thousands of dollars that will be lost due to the reduction in property taxes approved by voters in 2006.

Currently, HART is voicing its rail plans through a series of meetings that are taking place throughout Hillsborough County. The goal of these meetings is to spread public awareness about the need for a light rail system in Tampa Bay and to lobby the federal government for financial assistance for the planned project. HART’s goal is to obtain such federal funds through the “New Starts” program.