Presenting Station Mairie de Montrouge!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today, we celebrate another milestone on the Paris Metro system, the grand opening of station Mairie de Montrouge on Line 4!

Although I would have liked to get my post on Line 4 (as a whole) uploaded today, I just was not able to due to some technical issues. I will be able to get the post done, but not until next week.

If you’re reading this post from Paris, there are some pretty neat events going on in conjunction with the grand opening. I invite you to jog over to the Dominque Josse blog for a schedule of events. It’s pretty cool! 😀

With that said; I would also like to update my readers on other posts that I’m planning. I’m currently working on my post regarding fare evasion and how different transit districts are dealing with it. I hope to have that post up by the middle of April. I’m also working on my next Transit Staycations post, which will profile another neat destination in the Tampa area. Please stay tuned for further updates and continue to spread the word about my site!

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HARTride 2012

First video glimpses of station Mairie de Montrouge

Happy Saturday everyone!

We are roughly a week away from the scheduled grand opening of station Mairie de Montrouge along the Paris Metro Line 4, and I’ve come across a couple YouTube videos which show the final testing phase in action!

Please know that neither video was taken by me, so I have to thank the two individuals who took these videos. The first video is that of an MP 89CC stock train departing station Porte d’Orleans, which is the current southern terminus of Line 4. Prior to Montrouge, trains would slowly depart the southbound platform and switch over to the loop tracks to return to the northbound direction via the northbound platform. A central track on the northbound platform would sometimes be used for arriving trains to unload passengers as well. This three-track, two-platform configuration is very common for terminating stations throughout the Metro.

After the opening of station Montrouge, the traffic pattern will permanently change at station Porte d’Orleans. The southbound platform and track will continue to be used for southbound traffic. However; the center track will be switched over to northbound traffic, keeping in tune with the rest of the Line 4 stations.  The current northbound track, at the outer edge of the northbound platform, will be permanently removed and covered over to make way for a new access point, which includes elevator access.

The second YouTube video is particularly awesome, and is not very common to see in any subway system. It shows a conductor’s view of the MP 89CC stock train departing station Porte d’Orleans and traveling to station Montrouge. After a short stop at the southbound platform, the train reverses and returns to the northbound direction, making a brief stop at the northbound platform before returning to station Porte d’Orleans.

Now, while these videos are quite awesome, there were a couple other videos here and there that showed station Montrouge during construction. However, I’m not able to find those videos at the moment.

Like the opening of station Front Populaire along Line 12, I will be making a post about the history of Line 4 and station Montrouge. Please look out for this post next Sunday! 😀
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HARTride 2012

Paris Metro Update – Line 4 Extension Delayed

For several weeks, I had been planning a blog post regarding the extension of Line 4 of the Paris Subway towards the suburb of Montrouge. Unfortunately, construction work has delayed the opening of the new extension until at least March of 2013; the station Mairie de Montrouge had been tentatively scheduled to open by December 31, 2012.

Why the delay? From what I am hearing from Parisians in the SkyScraperCity and Symbioz forums (the latter one is in French; you can use Google Translate or Yahoo BabelFish to translate); it is taking much longer than expected to dig through the numerous quarries that lie underneath Montrouge. In fact; the entire routing of the subway extension towards Bagneux (planned to begin construction in 2014) had to be altered in order to avoid massive quarries that would otherwise undermine the stability of the ground above. You can see in these photos how complex some of these quarries are.

Sadly; the tentative date of December, 2012 for the opening of the new Montrouge station was quite unrealistic given the many surprises that lurked underneath Montrouge. No one could really know the stability of the quarries until the digging commenced. On the flipside however; it is better to delay work, than to rush things and have something disastrous happen during operation of the subway line. We certainly don’t want to imagine any such scenarios.

With this said; I hope to be able to report back towards the end of 2012 as to the status of the Line 4 extension. I will also post at the time; an update of the extension of Line 12, which is still expected to open in December, 2012.

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HARTride 2012