Another train incident on the CTA Blue Line

Back in October of 2013, two Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line trains collided after an out of service train struck the end of another train that was stopped to load/unload passengers. This morning, an inbound Blue Line train entering the O’Hare Airport station (which serves as the southern terminus for the Blue Line) overshot theContinue reading “Another train incident on the CTA Blue Line”

Don’t “race” the train!

For the month of July, I would like to stress to everyone to never, never, never try to beat a surface train at a crossing. This includes light rail, streetcar, commuter/suburban/intercity rail, and even freight train crossings. This post covers all types of rail transport by which an at-grade crossing with a roadway is involved.Continue reading “Don’t “race” the train!”

If you see something, say something!

NOTE: I wrote this post back on April 16, 2013, which was the day after the horrific terrorist attacks that struck the Boston Marathon. I continue to pray for all those who were affected by this tragedy. #BostonStrong In the wake of the terrible events in Boston, MA, I would like to take a momentContinue reading “If you see something, say something!”

HART makes strides to create a better commute

If you haven’t rode in a HART bus lately, then you’ll notice some significant changes. First off, you’ll notice that all the busses are equipped with audio and video surveillence. In this way, your overall safety on the bus has been increased (and those misbehaving people won’t be able to get away with their crimesContinue reading “HART makes strides to create a better commute”