February, 2019 Photo of the Month

Showcase Time!

For our February Showcase photo, we continue our journey across the US. Where to next you ask?

” photo, we continue our journey across the US. Where to next you ask?

This month’s destination is Salt Lake City, UT & its surrounding region – served by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). The UTA operates roughly 110 fixed bus routes [including bus rapid transit (BRT) service], several light rail lines, a modern streetcar line, & a commuter rail line. The agency also possesses over 400 transit buses (mostly Gilligs, but there are some Orion & New Flyer buses as well), roughly 164 paratransit & flex vans, roughly 114 light rail vehicles, 53 commuter rail cars, & 18 locomotives (as of 2017).

The Showcase photo for this month is bus # 13036, which is a 2013 40-foot Gillig Low Floor diesel with the BRT Plus styling. While most of UTA’s buses are diesel powered, there are some diesel-electric hybrid & compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses in the fleet as well.

UTA services operate throughout the week, with many bus routes operating at least every 30 minutes during the day – with some popular routes operating every 15 minutes. Bus & rail services can vary depending on the type of route or service, destinations, & day of the week. Services may be reduced during major holidays.

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